Earth Day Twenty Twelve

Yep, that’s Little A. reaching his arms out and giving the Earth a great big hug :)  Well, not quite, but he was having a lot of fun being outdoors, watching mama and dadda pick up trash (how come we get to pick up trash?) – and spend lots of time swinging in his favorite swing!  He’s a bit young to let loose to collect litter, considering he still puts just about everything in his mouth. 
Yesterday, we set out as a family and did our bit on Earth Day.  We like to try to do our bit everyday, by remembering to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Just three simple things that make a difference.

It was a cool day in Ottawa, so we all wore our hoodieslike trash bandits…hehehe. We met a few other
people in the community who were doing the same thing and it was great to meet neighbors who were out and about.

For dinner we had a very green meal, literally. We tried fiddle heads for the first time (they were a gift
from our friends’ garden) – we can’t say that it was love at first bite, but we’ll take their health benefits.

How about you? How was your weekend?

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  1. says

    awe girl, his 4 bottom teeth are just so darn adorable!!! what a sweetheart and way to go you trash bandits – nice job on the clean sweep patrol!! lookin’ pretty darling doing it too :) mmm, fiddleheads. i just popped down to the grocery on lunch and was eying them. only thing is a bag was $8 and so i went with some good ol’ broccoli instead. lucky you get yours straight from your pals garden, how cool is that?! ♥

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