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100 Festive Things to Do At Home in December

This is the season to do all the Christmas activities and winter activities you can do in and near your home. We want you to have a wonderful December and make the most of mostly being at home.

From impromptu holiday dance parties to cozy evenings under the covers in your Christmas pyjamas! We’re reminding you of all the festive and fun things you can do at home during this time of the year. And inspiring you with fresh ideas and holiday activities to enjoy this month.

So go ahead, make a list (check it twice), and get started on your holiday bucket list with these 100 festive things to do at home during the holiday season.

100 Festive Things to Do At Home in December

Gather Around the Christmas Tree in Your Living Room

  • Decorate for the holiday season: Christmas tree, wreaths, bows, Christmas village.
  • Make a cozy fire – if you don’t have a fire place, create a candle centrepiece.
  • Have a holiday movie marathon. Watch old and new films!
  • Hand-write Christmas cards to family and friends.
  • Cut out paper snowflakes of all shapes and sizes.
  • Play your favourite board games and try new ones.
  • Video-call your loved ones (points for wearing an ugly holiday sweater or Christmas pyjamas).
  • Curl up with a coffee table book full of beautiful visuals and a cup of chai tea.
  • Have a dance party to your favourite holiday playlist.
  • Make your own Christmas movie bingo card to use while watching holiday movies.
  • Read Christmas books aloud with your loved ones.
  • Play a game of charades- make it festive!
  • Build Santa’s workshop out of Legos. Don’t forget the reindeers!
  • Have a puzzle contest. Same amount of pieces, and go! You can do this virtually too if you live alone. Call up a friend and challenge them to some fun.
  • Wrap up books to make a Christmas book advent calendar.
  • Use fake snow (snow blanket) to add touches of winter around your living room.
  • Have a candy cane hunt, because why not!
  • Add twinkle lights to your bookcase and mantel – enjoy their warm glow.
  • Set up a hot chocolate bar on the coffee table with all the fixings (marshmallows, chocolate spoon, crushed candy cane, whipped cream, etc.).
  • Have a “Just Dance” Christmas challenge! Find the Just Dance Christmas videos on YouTube.

Make a Holly Jolly Mess in Your Kitchen

  • Bake Christmas cookies. Our favourites include Chocolate Crinkle, Oatmeal M&M, Gingerbread, and Holiday Cowboy Cookies.
  • Set up a specialty coffee bar with flavoured coffee, holiday creamer, chocolate stir sticks and more.
  • DIY Christmas tree ornaments – there are so many varieties to make.
  • Make holiday scented play-doh.
  • Simmer Christmas potpourri. We love the combination of orange slices, cranberries, and cinnamon sticks boiling on the stove top.
  • DIY peppermint body scrub.
  • Level up your barista skills. Try to make your own fancy coffees.
  • DIY dried citrus to add to presents, garlands, or on your Christmas tree.
  • Slow cook a flavourful winter soup.
  • Freeze holiday themed ice cubes: cranberry and mint leaves together are lovely.
  • Shake up some Christmas cheer with festive drinks.
  • Bake all the Christmas pies. Pumpkin, pecan, mincemeat – what’s your favourite?
  • Try your hand at making bread.
  • Can your own preserves for yourself and for gifts.
  • Make Christmas candy! We recommend chocolate bark, Swiss meringue kisses, and maple fudge.
  • DIY a festive face mask: 2 tsp clay, 2 tsp natural yogurt, 1 tsp honey, and 3 drops peppermint oil.
  • Meal prep for the holidays with freezer-friendly meals.
  • Save your coffee grounds for a body scrub to get rid of dry winter skin.
  • Make a festive holiday punch.
  • Have a holiday-themed pancake brunch.

Bring Good Tidings Around The Dining Table

  • Make it a family tradition to go around the table to share something good or something you’re grateful for at dinnertime as you countdown to Christmas
  • Bake and decorate a gingerbread house.
  • Pop popcorn and string it into a festive garland.
  • DIY your own wrapping paper.
  • Set up a delicious grazing board and play cards.
  • Make holiday-themed crafts.
  • DIY a photo album for a personal Christmas gift .
  • Make your own advent centrepiece with candles and light it every evening.
  • Tell stories of holiday seasons past recounting funny, special, and memorable moments with loved ones.
  • Talk with your family about the different holiday celebrations happening this time of year and learn more about their traditions.
  • Make homemade holiday crafts like jewelry, keychains, clay figurines, ornaments.
  • Take turns picking a topic of interest and discuss (best sledding spot? favourite holiday treats? where in the world would you travel and why?).
  • Play a trivia game!
  • Try a new recipe and prepare it together with the whole family.
  • Create a family holiday journal or scrapbook.
  • Write holiday cards for an organization that receives holiday mail, like the Canadian Armed Forces and local nursing homes.
  • Make a family vision board with visual cutouts of dreams, hopes, and goals.
  • DIY a festive construction paper garland for the kids rooms.
  • Have an at-home spa day. Set up at the table with DIY face masks, nail-painting, spa water, and magazines.
  • Decorate pine cones with white paint, glitter, and hang on the tree with baker’s twine.

Tuck In For a Silent Night in Bed

  • Make a cup of holiday tea. Peppermint bark, chocolate chai, and gingerbread are delicious!
  • Read a classic book, the kind you just can’t put down.
  • Light holiday scented candles.
  • Put on your Christmas PJs .
  • Paint your nails in holiday colours.
  • Reflect on the past year in your journal.
  • Write out a gratitude list – what are you thankful for this season?
  • Do a calming face mask (there are holiday themed ones you can buy!)
  • Meditate to the sounds of nature and do breathing exercises to relax.
  • Stream a holiday-themed yoga session.
  • Handwrite your Christmas gift tags.
  • Wrap up your feet for a goodnight sleep with peppermint foot lotion and cozy socks.
  • Diffuse holiday scented oils for magical and soothing aromatherapy.
  • Have a cuddle session and share your favourite holiday traditions with each other.
  • Read a holiday-themed novel, like In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren.
  • Write down your holiday to-do list so it’s not swirling in your mind.
  • Colour in an adult colouring book, like Johanna’s Christmas.
  • Use a face roller or Gua Sha facial tool with a soothing face oil.
  • Lower the thermostat and add an extra soft, cozy blanket to your bed.

Enjoy Your Backyard Winter Wonderland

  • Have a snowman competition!
  • Build a winter fort. Add a flag to make it a castle.
  • Enjoy a festive winter picnic outdoors. Don’t forget the hot cocoa!
  • Setup a bird feeder.
  • Decorate a pine tree or evergreen bush with lights and ornaments (made for outdoors).
  • Have a friendly snowball fight with your neighbours.
  • Roast marshmallows. Sprinkle with crushed candy cane or mint chocolate.
  • Make an obstacle course out of snow.
  • Have a winter-themed scavenger hunt.
  • Build a winter slide out of snow.
  • Do a Santa-themed outdoor workout.
  • Pull someone on a sled around your backyard (or better yet, find someone to pull you around!).
  • Set up your own colourful light show.
  • Spread holiday cheer by clearing a neighbour’s driveway after a snowfall.
  • Make an ice sculpture.
  • DIY your own skating rink.
  • Play “Santa Says” with your kids. Santa says, put on your boots! Santa says, wrap presents! Santa says, gather the reindeers that are loose!
  • Paint a festive holiday scene in the snow.
  • Make a snow maze. The more elaborate the better.
  • DIY pretty ice lanterns using old plastic containers, water, cranberries, evergreen and branches.

You made it! I’m impressed.

The holiday spirit is strong with this one!

Here’s to you and yours having a joyful holiday season this year.


Emily Smith

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