My name is Emily Smith, and I’m the founder and editor of bestofthislife.com. At this Canadian online lifestyle destination, you’ll find the best inspiration in food, home living, crafts, family, decor, wellness, local events, and more. I created this blog in 2011 when I was a new stay-at-home mom and discovered my new love for making messes in the kitchen! Whether I’m sharing my latest recipe or my fav new beauty product, I write with heart, passion, and creativity. I love encouraging and inspiring you, dear readers, to live your best personal lives. I hope you’ll enjoy reading our posts, trying new recipes, finding inspiration for your everyday living, and receiving meaningful takeaways. I’d love for you to subscribe to our newsletter while you’re here so you’ll get all the updates. I’m so glad you visited today!

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I’m a friend, mom, homemaker, entrepreneur, and all around down-to-earth gal. I have my good days and my bad days, just like anyone else. The Best of this Life is a place to put aside the overwhelm and have fun, be creative, decorate your home, get cooking, try a style trend, or discover a new passion. It’s a place where positivity and joy lead the way.I love your sweet comments, your personal emails, your serious questions, and your engagement. You’re awesome! Thank you for being there, and here. I love reading every note and what you are thinking. I love what you bring to The Best of this Life and your thoughts and opinions. Don’t be shy, okay? xo