Mommy & Me Ouchless Summer Hairstyles

Good Hair Accessories and Hairstyles for girls bestofthislife.com

Mommy & Me Summer Hairstyles with Goody

I can still remember the early mornings before school, when my mom would blow-dry my hair and brush it until it was silky smooth. There’s something so special about the simple ritual of getting your hair done by your mom. Both my son and daughter love it when I do their hair – except the brushing part. No matter how gentle I try to be, if I’m using just any old brush, they’ll twitch and cringe when I snag a tangle.

Brushing your kiddos hair shouldn’t cause them to tear up! It’s a mother’s heart to care for and groom their little ones, so when they yelp “Ouch! Mama!” – it doesn’t really make me feel like I’m doing a good job.

Thankfully, there’s a better way with the Goody Ouchless brush, MSRP: $9.99 – $13.99, and with it in hand, I’m officially “The Best Hair-Brusher Ever,” according to my children. And that means they’ll let me do all the cool hairstyles I want in their hair, yay!

Good Hair Accessories and Hairstyles for girls bestofthislife.com

Having my daughter sit in my lap and let me brush her hair, while we sing and talk, is such a sweet part of motherhood. She likes to read a book, play with hair accessories or brush her doll’s hair while I brush and do her hair. With the Ouchless brush, she doesn’t flinch or pull away. It’s so easy to brush through her fine hair and the tangles disappear with each stroke.

Good Hair Accessories and Hairstyles for girls bestofthislife.com

Her hair has grown so much in the past few months, which has made hair styling that much more exciting! We’ve tackled pigtails, buns, flip-through ponytails and many other styles. She likes all of Goody’s colourful hair accessories and chooses which elastics, bows, and headbands she wants to wear each day.

Because she likes to use lots of elastics in different colours, I do a series of mini flip-through ponytails in her hair, resulting in either a half-up do or a final ponytail. It’s really simple, I just brush a small layer of hair from the front, make a ponytail (following the line from her temples) using a Goody Ouchless elastic, MSRP $4.99-$6.29, loosen it slightly and flip it through. Then I repeat it until I’m done. It’s not always perfect, she still wiggles around, but it’s super cute! I do the flip-through ponytail too, it’s a simple yet elegant look.

You can find Goody hair products at major retailers across Canada.

Good Hair Accessories and Hairstyles for girls bestofthislife.com

As my daughter’s hair grows, her bangs are in mid-stage where they need to be pulled back. Bows are perfect for keeping hair out of her face and they look adorable. She loves the bright and floral print designs from Goody, MSRP: $4.29-$4.89.

Good Hair Accessories and Hairstyles for girls bestofthislife.com
Bringing the scrunchie back!


I am notorious for wearing my hair in a bun and I absolutely love Goody’s bun maker, MSRP: $5.29-$5.99, for achieving a perfect bun! I was so pleased that they make a smaller version for girls, which is just the right size for my daughter. In just three easy steps, she has a beautiful bun that is full, pretty and secure! We finish the hairstyle with a funky Goody Ouchless scrunchy, MSRP: $6.99 – $7.69, or a darling bow.

Good Hair Accessories and Hairstyles for girls bestofthislife.com

Creating mommy and me looks is so much fun, especially when there are no tears (thank you Ouchless brush!). These moments we share together are so precious and I cherish them so much. I’ll take all the twinning days I can while I can get ‘em!

Good Hair Accessories and Hairstyles for girls bestofthislife.com


I’m excited to giveaway to one lucky reader of The Best of this Life – a fabulous prize pack that includes an assortment of Goody products and a few summer essentials for a total value of $200.

Enter in the widget below, there are lots of ways, and make sure to share this fun giveaway with your friends too. Best of luck!

*giveaway open to Canadian residents only 

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Summer is full of Mommy and me moments, what are some of your favourite ways to spend time with your daughter?


This piece is in collaboration with Goody.

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  1. i love the variety that the Goody hair line has to offer; they are always coming up with something new, and on trend. A de-tangling brush would be awesome for my daughter’s long hair; and she is always putting her hair up in buns, braids or ponytails!

  2. Some of the best ways we spend time together is by
    doing a manicure or pedicure together.We also love to
    play with our hair and try different hair do’s.The thing I
    love most about Goody hair brushes are they don’t pull
    on my hair or hurt it when it’s tangled.They also have
    different types of brushes and combs for different hair.
    For example my Goody comb is best for giving lots of
    volume to my look.I love these products for thees reasons.

  3. Goody always has the BEST selection… I LOVE the ouchless products for my daughters beautiful long hair 😉

  4. My family just went to a theme park near us and my daughter loves the big tall swings. I love going on there with her and just watching the joy in her face as we ride.
    She also just loves her nails painted and hair braided..a real girly girl.

  5. I love to go for bike rides with my daughter and stopping for ice cream, we love also to swim together and play with dolls

  6. I love using the clips to put your hair back. They are amazing..
    My daughter used to love the ouchless pony tail holders before we cut her hair short.

  7. We have been enjoying our pool a lot this year. My 5 year old have started swimming on her own. We also love going camping. I try to gave their hair up as often as I can. I love their braided hair.

  8. Goody Hair products are reliable and my Marissa loves all the pretty colors available, I like that they are not too expensive.

  9. I love the different elastics from goody line and their brushes and combs. My hair is long (past my waist) but I never wear it down, and I love how easy the goody elastics are to use and I like that they are not very expensive as I go through a LOT of elastics. Thanks for the chance.

  10. When my nieces visited recently we spent quality time swimming in the lake and playing with their Barbies.

  11. we love spending time together in the backyard. playing in the kiddie pool, with the water table and play set

  12. Love the Goody product line because they have an amazing selection to choose from and their product last longer than other ones I have tried.

  13. Three of my nieces live over an hour away. One is in school already, and as school is out she begged her mom to go to Grandma’s house for a bit (lives close by). So she was here almost two weeks, half of that the middle niece came and they went home and the little one is here now. She is so funny. I just sit and watch her, laugh at her. Her actions, her way of wording things.

  14. I love the Goody Hair Product Line because it has such a wide variety of items and is always priced within reach.

  15. I love going shopping with my niece and buying all the girly things. As a mom of boys, it’s so nice to shop for dresses and all things pink!

  16. My girls & I like geocaching together, we’re also enjoying pokemon go (which includes walks to the park!)
    We LOVE goody ouchless elastics, I’ve always got a couple on my wrist!

  17. Our favorite ways to spend time together is what we call girls day. We do all kinds of things like doing each other’s nails, facials and other girl things at home. We also do outdoor stuff like the mall, movies and swimming just to name a few things. Whatever we can think of or want to try out.

  18. I love treating my 5 girls to ice cream and then walking over the bridge to the park across the street! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Goody has some of the best products. The ouchless line is one of our favorites-The brush is fantastic.

  20. Over the summer, I love spending time with my niece by taking her to the park, swimming, and to the library to read / cool down!

  21. Goody hair brushes are by far the best,they don’t pull my hair out our hair and the handles are easy to hold and they have so many other products we love and enjoy daily!

  22. I have several sweet little nieces but the most bonding time I’ve had so far this summer (believe me… the lack of time with them is due to serious business! Missing them!) has been with my little fireball niece who is almost 3 and showed me how good she is at entertaining herself and us without toys at a picnic outside one beautiful Saturday recently. I hope that later in the summer I can go to the aquarium with another niece of mine. Anything is good, as long as its with the kids…

  23. I really like the variety and quality of the Goody products, in particular the ouchless brush. Its awesome

  24. I like that Goody takes into account all textures, lengths, and types of hair when making their products.

  25. I like to spend time doing my daughters hair, going for walks and baking all kinds of yummy treats with them.

  26. I love the variety of hair accessories that they sell. Have been using them for many years.

  27. I have 3 daughters. Currently expecting a baby boy In November. We do everything from the beach, to swimming, ice cream, Tim Hortons. One on one dinner dates and the movies. We also do movie and pop corn nights, mani and pedi nights. The fun is endless with girls. ❤️❤️❤️

  28. My daughters and I love to go for walks on the beach during the summer. Wr collect shells & beach glass to make art with.

  29. I enjoy having a picnic lunch with my daughter. Being outside and enjoying a quiet moment is wonderful.

  30. I love that it is good quality. I have had a hairbrush for many years from them and their elastics hold the best

  31. I’be been using their hair ties since I was a kid! They were the only ones that I wouldn’t have to end up cutting out of my hair after swim practices. Saved me from a lot of bad hair days!

  32. My niece loves to play board games, get her nails painted and her hair braided. That is usually how we spend summer afternoons together.

  33. I love the Goody Hair Product Line because it has such a wide variety of items and the quality is great.

  34. I love to spend time with my step granddaughter , , reading, going for walks and seeing the world from her delight in everything! Love to do her hair and we use Goodie products! My daughter, a young teen cut her hair this summer REALLY short but she also loved to use Goodie products!

  35. I love Goody products! We are obsessed with the ouchless hair elastics, and I can’t live w/o my boar hair brush!

  36. My granddaughter and I love dancing and singing together, and I love doing her hair!! I love your daughter’s bun it’s so friggin cute!!!

  37. I love the great selection of Goody products. I always purchase the hair brushes for my family and the elastic bands for my grand-daughter.

  38. I love gardening with my daughter and she loves it when we colour together. No matter what we’re doing, we have a great time. You have a beautiful family.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  39. I have a pool, so I am lucky that my niece wants to do a lot of sleepovers/pool parties. My favourite days. 🙂

  40. I love spending time with my granddaughter and we put up the pool with a little water and we had a blast with our granddaughter. Moments worth savouring!

  41. I was recently with all my grandchildren. We love to do crafts together and play outside with bubbles.

  42. I have loved and used Goody brand since I was a teenager. I love how stylish, yet gentle on the hair they are! You cannot go wrong with something for every age group!

  43. Yay, luv fine, quality Goody. Best products. . Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂

  44. I love Goody products. The offer high quality, long lasting and attractive hair accessories. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  45. I like that Goody Hair Product Line has so many selections. The products are great and do not damage my hair.

  46. I luv Goody hair products! The Goody Scrunchy keeps my long thick hair styled without stressing the hair. The microfiber hair brush speeds up my drying time. Ouchless Goody hair “savers” work for me!

  47. I love Goody hair products because have have a wide variety of products available and they are made well.

  48. I love Goody air products. I`ve been using them ever since I as small,they have such a wide range of different products for every hair style.

  49. Me and my daughter have curly hair and tangles are a major problem. Goody’s Ouchless line of products are just the right fit for our type of hair. Combing and styling our hair is not a pain anymore.

  50. I love the quality of Goody products. I always buy Goody bobby pins and hair elastics because I know they won’t fail.

  51. My daughter and I are spending time each week going to community events. It’s a nice way to spend time together, and try new things. Often we see friends too, which can make it more fun.

  52. I love going to festivals with my niece and watching parades. She loves music and really enjoys anytime we can hear people playing

  53. My daughter and I got to do shopping so she could get ready for a trip. Now she is back and helping me at work. She is a great worker for a 14yr.old.

  54. I love that Goody hair products are good quality products..all of my daughters had long hair growing up and their elastics were the only ones that I ever purchased to use in their hair..now that they are grown they still use Goody elastics in their hair

  55. I try to go visit my family and pass time with my niece, she is so adorable! She has enough hair to use Goody products now 😛

  56. I have a red Goody hair brush that I have used for years,I love it because it’s reliable,It always goes through my hair and works great,I’ve tried other brushes that just don’t go through my hair and takes twice as long to brush out. I always end up going back to my dependable Goody red brush!

  57. I love that they are so reliable and that they make hair bands for every hair color, so they blend in!

  58. I love going swimming with my daughters. And we always have to come up with tidy ways to tie their hair back so that it doesn’t get all tangled while they swim, dive etc. We love Goody products for this task!

  59. I really like Goody products – they always seem to have exactly what I’m looking for. Great selection, great prices.

  60. What I like about the Goody line is that they are all good quality products and they keep my hair in place.

  61. I love Goody products because they let me style my long hair in such great ways. I like that you don’t have to be good with hair to create pretty styles.

  62. My daughter and I will have facial parties at home, she will put nail polish on my one hand (I screw it up every time) and she does a few of my toes that I can’t seem to do properly either.

  63. What I love about the Goody hair line is a bit of a nostalgic reason. I love how my Nana had lots of goody hair products and I was always allowed to take some home with me. My Nana would buy the crazy hair stuff they used to put out like the clips and the banana clips. Love Goody’s hair products as they were always the best for my hair

  64. I love when my granddaughters come and spend half a day with me, I always try to make it specials and love using goody product to do my oldest granddaughters hair. We also do her nail, go to the park or the sprinkler and much more!

  65. My favourte way to spend quality time with my favourite girls is by doing crafts. This is not only a fun activity, it gets the girls away from the computer and tv! Plus it encourages their creativity. And it’s just plain, old-fashioned fun. Love Goody hair stuff because I know it’s quality…not like cheap dollar store stuff or other brands, which break.

  66. My girl and I have been spending quite a bit of time on the local beach, She loves to just lounge and we really enjoy the peacefulness….reading, drawing, chatting, eating, swimming…..

  67. I love Goody products. They work so well in my daughters hair. We love to go swimming so have to have our hair in pony tails or something.

  68. Some of my favourite ways to spend time with my daughter is to go swimming together, do baking and cooking, dancing, and coloring and crafts.

  69. Not only do they have unique pieces in their product line but they all seem to be of better quality.

  70. My favourite ways to spend time with my daughter is going shopping, doing beauty treatments and just sitting together and talking! Thank you for the giveaway!

  71. I only use Goody ouchless hair elastics as I have thick, long wavy hair. I break the cheap ones when trying to put in a ponytail or bun.

  72. I always and only use Goody hair products ! and i Love spending girly time with my nieces, doing there hair and nails ~!

  73. I’ve been in ponytails and pigtails since I was little, and my mom has this brand. It’s durable and last a long time. I still use the same 🙂

  74. We love to take the whole family out to the park and let the kids all romp. Goody hair products are a staple in this household 🙂

  75. Our daughter is two and a half right now and we’ve been having a blast this summer! We decided to visit as many parks in the city as we could this summer. She has so much fun exploring the new playgrounds and running around with her ball. It’s so much fun to watch her experience things for the first time- everything is so exciting to her right now. She’s full of wonder. 🙂

  76. My daughters have long hair. I usually keep their hair braided at night and in the winter when the static bothers them. I love the ouchless and the fun variety.

  77. I love that their products do not damage my hair. I have long hair down to my bum and I have used Goody Products for yeeeeears. 😀

  78. I’ve always loved Goody products and have used them since I was a little girl! Great quality at great prices!

  79. honestly, I love how good the elastics are. There are some crappy brand out there that break after 5 uses. Also, I don’t have to worry about constantly fixing my hair from it falling loose with goody elastics

  80. My daughter and I enjoy going to game stores .. she’s a huge fan of gaming. .. Mario, Pokemon, etc..

  81. I have 5 nieces and we love to get together and play hairdresser, they are of varying ages so we certainly get some great styles

  82. One of my favourite moments with my daughter this summer was shopping for her first day of school stuff for kindergarten. She was so excited to pick out her outfit and backpack.

  83. My favourite thing about Goody is that they have something for everyone and every occasion. The range of hair ties and clips means you can do anything with your hair and be ready for something casual or a wedding. And their brushes are great. I get a lot of tangles but they’re no match for my goody brush.

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