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Build a Festive Gingerbread House with One of Wilton’s Famous Kits

The holiday season is jam-packed with activities, events, and traditions! We kick-started the season with one of our favourites: decorating a gingerbread house! 

Building and decorating a gingerbread house is one of our yearly traditions. If it gets eaten right away or becomes a festive centerpiece is another story (and debate!) altogether. 

When it comes to choosing a gingerbread house kit, Wilton is always an excellent choice. 

Wilton Gingerbread House Kits are well-designed and come stocked with lots of icing and candy for decorating. 

It would be no exaggeration to say Wilton has taken inspiration straight from Santa’s workshop! From bakeware and baking tools to holiday ingredients, and great gingerbread house kits, Wilton’s products get you into the Christmas spirit! 

Not to mention, Wilton has all kinds of gingerbread house themes, and if you’re anything like our family, adding more candy and getting creative is all part of the tradition.

Decorate Your Own Gingerbread House with a Wilton Gingerbread House Kit 

Wilton’s Gingerbread House Kits are ready-made with everything you need to build and decorate a gingerbread house. You can easily personalize them further by adding extra cookies and additional candies. 

It’s so much fun and a real treat to take one of these kits and make a night of it! Set up your table with placemats, napkins, decorating utensils, bowls of candy – and don’t forget the Christmas music and hot cocoa. 

Decorating a gingerbread house is such a joyful way to kick off the holidays! 

Make Magical Memories with This Classic Family Activity

Wilton’s gingerbread house kits are also a wonderful way to include friends and family in a festive activity. Or, a perfect idea to liven up an office party. Even if you have a scrooge or grinch in your bunch, you may be surprised at how much fun everyone will have working together to build one. These kits also work wonderfully to make a holiday centerpiece for your table or mantel display. 

Wilton Has Lots of Gingerbread House Kits to Choose From

If you are looking for a traditional or nontraditional gingerbread house, Wilton has you covered. From a Super Mario Gingerbread Castle to an entire Mini Village – there are all kinds of kits to build, decorate, and eat! Wilton also has a ton of add-ons to double the fun like, holiday sprinkles, icing decorations, and red and green icing that help you personalize your kit. 

Kick Off The Holiday Season With This Fun Family Activity

My family had a wonderful time kicking off the holiday season by building the Wilton Ready To Build Brighter Gingerbread House Kit. We also have another decorating session planned for the Wilton Igloo Cookie Kit, made with sugar cookies. It looks so cute!

Coming together and decorating a gingerbread house is a quintessential festive activity that kids and grown-ups alike enjoy. Remember to take some pictures to treasure this special holiday moment for years to come.

To discover the selection of gingerbread house kits and so much more (ingredients, bakeware, kitchen tools, decorations, etc.), visit wilton.com 

Happy decorating!

This piece is presented in partnership with Wilton. All opinions are honest and personal.

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