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Easy Maple Leaf Watermelon Pops for Canada Day

Watermelon is hands down one of my favourite summertime fruits – it’s quintessentially summer! I’m sure you remember devouring a too-big-for-you slice of watermelon as a kid and having seed-spitting contests to see who could send theirs the furthest.

I was never really great at that game! Were you?

The season for fresh watermelon has arrived and it’s hard to miss the big piles of them front and centre in the produce section. In fact, they’re pretty difficult to resist! I’ve already picked up a few this month for our family. There’s a taste of summer in every juicy bite!

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Maple Leaf Watermelon Pops for Canada Day

Bite Sized Fun for Canada Day!

With Canada Day around the corner, I wanted to share this simple yet very patriotic way of eating watermelon. Armed with sliced watermelon, a maple leaf cookie cutter, and some popsicle sticks (or mini wooden serving spoons or even sturdy cake pop sticks) you can create a festive watermelon pop perfect for Canada Day celebrations.

Not only are they refreshing, hydrating, and delicious – they’re adorable! Who doesn’t like fun-shaped fruit! My kids think they are such a fun way of munching on watermelon. Plus, for kids and grown-ups alike who don’t like to get their hands all sticky and messy, they’re ideal.

And don’t worry about the watermelon scraps! You’ll either be snacking on them while you make these or you can save them to make a watermelon slush (watermelon + a touch of lime juice + a sprinkle of coconut sugar or honey + ice, blend it all up).

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Maple Leaf Shaped Watermelon Pops Canada Day

These maple leaf shaped watermelon pops are a healthy and refreshing offering on Canada Day. While there are most likely to be other sweets and treats on that day, these bring a nutritious balance to the dessert table and are a great alternative to offer.

What You Need to Make Maple Leaf Watermelon Pops :

  • maple leaf cookie cutter (at least one, more if working as a group)
  • watermelon
  • sturdy chef knife (a serrated edge can help cut through the rind)
  • popsicle sticks (or other wooden sticks, I found mine at the party store)
  • cutting board
  • serving tray

Measure the thickness of your cookie cutter and use that as a guide for how thick to cut your watermelon. I first cut the watermelon in half, placed it facing down on the cutting board and then “sawed” through it to make large rounds. Then I worked my way through the round slices, pressing down the cookie cutter and popping out maple leaf shapes. Some of them broke, others were a bit lop-sized, so I evened them out with a small kitchen knife. Then I placed them on top of the serving sticks. Voila! Keep them covered and refrigerated until you’re ready to serve!

Canada Day Watermelon Pops in Maple Leaf Shape

Easy for Kids to Make Too

These are a joy to make and so rewarding to see them come together. If you have kiddos, get them involved! Set up a clean working surface and lay out some cutting boards with thick watermelon slices. Then let them cut out the shapes and put the popsicle sticks in the bottom.

I found my maple leaf cookie cutter at Bulk Barn. You can pop in there to pick one up or call around at any kitchenware store to see if they carry them. You can also order one online, but make sure you do so in time for Canada Day!

As you can see these patriotic and healthy, tasty treats are easy-peasy to make and are sure to bring a smile.

Of course, they aren’t just for Canada Day. There are lots of summer cookie cutters you can choose from and put your own seasonal spin on these watermelon pops. Enjoy!


Emily Smith

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