A Parent’s Guide for Acing Back-To-School #BOTLBackToSchool

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It’s hard to believe the summer is coming to an end. For some of you, the school year has already begun! In my home, we’re preparing for a September return and even though I’m still in summer mode, there is a lot of back to school planning to be done. With the anticipation of a new school year, there can be a whole range of emotions you and your children experience. You’re not alone! Whether you’re sending your little one off to junior kindergarten and dealing with anxiety over it, or have a teenager in high school who is wanting a whole new wardrobe before returning to classes – this time of year comes with its challenges. 

That said, it can also be an exciting few weeks as you help your kids transition into a new season of life: new grade, new teacher, possibly new school. It’s an opportunity to help them grow and even have fun with them – from shopping for cool supplies and clothes to creating an action plan to help them meet their goals this school year. In this Back-To-School guide, I wanted to share some tips and helpful suggestions for this busy time of year. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful. I also invite you to signup to receive new posts from bestofthislife.com via email (subscribe below) for more helpful Back-To-School articles! 

I encourage you to make this the best start to the new school year ever.  I wish you and your family a positive and successful school year in 2017-2018! 


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Emily Smith

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  1. We are a homeschooling family and do school all year so we will have an easier time getting back into a routine next week. We were doing school 2 or 3 times a week and will increase to 4 or 5.

  2. Our oldest is headed to high school for the first time. I think we’re more nervous for her than we were when she started grade school!

  3. I only have one more child going back to school and he is on his last year in university so not much hassle anymore. I will make sure I share this post with cousins who have young children heading back to school in a few weeks.

  4. This is a great resource. I loved the section on bookbags. It used to be so much fun picking out a book bag. Here when the kids start first grade they get a neon orange bookbag from the city so that everyone knows they are in first grade and they can help them along the way.

  5. I am totally counting down the days for the munchkins to go back to school a new year full of fun beginnings.

  6. Summer just flew buy, it’s a great summer other then a few wind storm we had such beautiful weather. These are great tips, forwarding to my daughter.

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