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On My Daughter’s Christmas Wishlist: Pop Pop Hair Surprise

This post is written in partnership with Pop Pop Hair Surprise – MGA Entertainment. As always, all opinions are honest and personal.

Pop it, spray it, unroll your hair! Brush it, braid it, clip it in…

You may be asking yourself, what is a Pop Pop Hair Surprise? I know, because I had to ask my daughter to explain it to me, a few times. Is it a toy? Is it a hair accessory? What IS it!

So here’s the scoop, Pop Pop Hair Surprises are a whole lot of everything, including fun! Each Pop Pop Hair Surprise comes with 3-in-1 Pop Pets: 1 Pop Brush, 1 Pop Roller, 1 Pop HairPet. There are over 25 characters to collect! 

To answer my own questions, it is a toy and it is a hair accessory. Kids can wear their Pop Hair Pet in their hair using the elastic band, they can brush their hair with the Pop Brush or brush their Pop Hair Pet’s hair. The cute characters are to play with and wear. Oh, and they can be used as a pencil topper too. Because, why not!

Fun to Collect, Share, and Trade

Like other surprise series, they are collectable little figures that kids have a blast playing with, sharing, and trading. My daughter loves playing hairdresser with me and her dolls, and this is right up her alley for imaginative and interactive play. 

We had fun styling her new Pop Pop Hair Surprise characters and trying out a few new hairstyles with them! 

With each different character comes different hair colours, which are washable and perfect for styling. You can spray it with water, braid it, twist it, intertwine it and create lots of different looks and styles, both on your kiddos hair or the Pop Hair Pet itself.

Pop Pop Hair Surprise is a great gift idea for Christmas for kids who love to get creative with their own hair and dolls hair; it combines both of these categories of play. Plus, they’re adorable!

Sold at Indigo, Amazon.ca, and Toys R Us.

Emily Smith

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