Twinning and Celebrating All Season Long with Goody Hair

We are going into one of the best times of the year for our household. We just love it. The holidays are here, and let me tell you my kids have been counting down! We’ve been talking about Christmas and the holidays for months now, and as decorations go up and preparations are being discussed, it’s an ongoing (and wonderful) conversation at home. “When is Christmas?” is the question my husband and I get asked so much we decided to put a countdown on the door so our kids know that soon, very soon – it’s party time!

It’s no secret that I love the holidays, and I adore how excited my children get over them – it’s something my husband and I have passed on to our kids; whenever there’s an opportunity to celebrate, we’re going to celebrate, and every member of our household gets in spirit! Especially our youngest one, Abigail, who breaks out in holiday songs no matter what time of the year it is, which, let me tell you, is incredibly cute. Another thing my youngest one loves to do is dress up! A lot of the time the theme is princesses but she also loves to dress up like Mommy, and oh my goodness, I don’t even have to tell you how much that makes my heart swell!

My daughter and I take time everyday to do her hair using Goody brushes and accessories, but when it’s time for dress up or any celebration, we kick it up a notch, especially if we are ‘twinning’ that day! Goody Simple Styles Kits are perfect to create beautiful holiday hair for both yourself and your daughter. We love the Goody Simple Styles Mini Spin Pin Kit to create half-up dos and elegant buns. If you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas, the Simple Styles Kits are a great choice!

There are things that happen when you become a mom, things I couldn’t possibly have conceived how amusing it would be, like wearing matching hair and outfits with my little girl. It’s something that is both precious and super fun! Do you love to twin with your kiddos?

My daughter loves it, I love it and I have to tell you the truth, even if on days when there is no party or celebration, we might just kick off the weekend morning with matching outfits just for the joy of it. Of course, we have to take time for our hair-dos, a proper hairstyle is something that both Abby and I agree is very important! Our boys might not understand why it might take us so long to get ready sometimes, but they sure are patient with us. Plus, Daddy can do a decent ponytail when he needs to!

Goody wants to help you create special holiday memories with your daughter, whether it’s simply getting ready together side by side, having a “hair-salon” playdate, or dolling up for a Christmas party! We’ve partnered to give one lucky reader of The Best of this Life a prize pack that includes an assortment Goody products valued at $150!*

Enter in the widget below, there are lots of ways, and make sure to share this fun and festive giveaway with your friends too. Best of luck!


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*giveaway open to Canadian residents only, excluding residents of Quebec. This piece is written in collaboration with Goody.

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  1. Unfortunately for me I never had enough hair to do anything with it and neither has my daughter, but she loves when I brush her hair.

  2. My daughters are older, teen and early 20s but are always fussing with their hair and I put my hair up too, so twinning still happens.

  3. I used to love those little pony tail holders with the little bobbles on them – I never really learned how to do my girl’s hair very well — thankfully, she learned how to do it by herself!

  4. I have 3 bi racial girls and literally spent hours and hours every second week to comb out and braid their hair!!!

  5. I always loved when my big sister would do my hair ! She always did such a great job , id always beg her on photo day to do my hair for me!

  6. I have 4 grown daughters, all of whom I loved to brush their hair and usually put their hair up in a pony. Now that I have 3 grand daughters, it brings me great joy to help them and to teach them to brush their hair. And now they ask Nana to put their hair in a pony! Goody has always been a brand we can trust! Thank you for this generous giveaway Emily! Happy Holidays!

  7. my daughter is a TEEN -so twinning hair doesn’t happen much—-although we both do ROCK a messy bun A LOT –LOL

    buy she does do the BEST French Braids so she does my hair…..I try to do her’s but I cannot reach her HIGH bar of PERFECTION.

  8. I remember my grandmother doing my hair for me. It wasn’t always pleasant due to having tangles but I still cherish the moments with her.

  9. My mum always had short hair, so we didn’t really do any twinning. But I do have fond memories of her brushing and braiding my hair. And I always had my hair done in rag rollers for school pictures.

  10. I remember when I was young my mother use to always do my hair up really nice. Braids and pretty ribbons. I loved it!

  11. I’m just learned to deal with long hair! My son decided last September that he didn’t want to cut it anymore. It’s been fun but a challenge

  12. I am finally at the stage where my oldest twin daughters can do their younger sisters hair and they do it beautifully. Lots of french braids and more and the Goody Products, wow, we have bought many of them.

  13. I think my 2 kids would have been upset if I tried to twin them (boy and girl 16 months apart) . I love getting my hair done and get my daughter to brush it when ever I can.

  14. I absolutely love doing my granddaughters hair and making her feel even more beautiful then she is. She loves all the hair bows and clips and stuff.

  15. I remember practicing braiding especially French braids hanging my head over the edge of the bed, tricky style to do on your own.

  16. When I was little I would play with my barbies hair and every time I do a French braid or fishtail braid to my daughters hair it reminds me of playing with my barbies.

  17. My brother use to be the one who loved to brush and do my hair. He really liked to play with my long hair and put it up.

  18. My Mom used to do my hair every day before school. Sometimes she’d give me a fancy bun or some pretty braids! I definitely have fond memories of this!

  19. My daughter and I have totally different hair, maybe when she gets a bit older we can twin a bit. Right now I do some neat braids or twists or fancy buns for her. It’s a nice memory to make with her.

  20. I was in majorettes when I was young, so my hair memory is my mom pulling at my hair for elaborate styles a lot. And I have thick curly hair, so she wasn’t gentle. 😉

  21. I remember this one time my mom had done my hair with a very deep part and used a rhinestone barrette to hold it in place. I was about 6 and I really thought I was oh so glamorous .

  22. I cherish my memories of my mom doing my hair when I was a kid. She was always so gentle and we would chit chat and laugh together while she brushed and braided my hair. I think it’s part of why I never wanted to get my hair cut as a kid, because I thought if I had shorter hair we wouldn’t have those special moments as much.

  23. I would love to twin with my girls. I haven’t yet. I never made the commitment of doing so yet but totally would

  24. Use to have my older sisters to my hair. Love it getting put into a frenchbraid by my one sister until I learned how to do it myself.

  25. I remember my mom always wanted to do french braids in my hair but I always said no then she did it and I loved it

  26. When I was a kid I use to love styling my doll’s hair. I actually taught myself how to do a french braid on a doll.

  27. I used to love having my step-grandma French braid my hair in the summers during breakfasts at the cabin. We’d listen to old country music on the radio, eat French toast, and she’d do my hair. Great mermories!

  28. My mom braided my hair EVERY day until I was in grade 5 and felt too old for it! Now I have only boys with short hair, so no twinning or braiding happening there…

  29. I have good memories of my mom doing my hair when I was a child. She would braid my hair, give me pigtails, or the classic crimp and then tie my hair in a ponytail on one side of my head haha!

  30. I remember the first time my french braided my hair. All the girls at my school had french braid and I desperately wanted it too, so my mom had to learn it from one of the other moms.

  31. I don’t recall any twinni g but I do remember my grandmother would brush and arrange my hair into ponytails or braids using the elastic with the plastic balls at the end. My Gosh, could she pull my hair tight!

  32. I have fond memories of my Mom putting my hair up in foam rollers and I would sleep in them, the next morning my hair would be so light and bouncy.

  33. I love to twin with my daughter. We love to play hairstylist and do our hairs. I remember when I was a child I used to play hairstylist with my sister.

  34. Our daughters are older now and we have a wee granddaughter that will soon have enough hair for Mommy to up pretty. I don’t like being a slave to my hair so I grow it out and donate it to Wigs for Kids as soon as I get 9″.. It’s easy to do. Thank you for this Great Giveaway and Happy Holidays 🙂

  35. I do have fond memories of my mom doing my hair when I was little. Always in pigtails with plastic bauble hair ties!

  36. Awesome giveaway! Thank you 🙂 My mom was the best hair stylist and often gave me unique french braids.. I am less talented.. Just ponytails!

  37. My hairs always up in a pony tail because of work and my duaghter has a weird style that I’ll never be able to pull off lol

  38. I don’t twin with my boys, but I kind of put them in matchy outfits sometimes. They’re getting older though, so they’re getting less thrilled about that.

  39. I really liked having my Mum braid my hair when I was a little girl. She did great braids , which kept my hair out of my face! 🙂

  40. I never had a little girl of my own but when I see my niece she always wants me to fix her hair up all pretty. I think it is awesome and do not feel like I have missed out

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