Visit CF Rideau Centre’s Fall Inspiration Station This Weekend For Your Free Personalized Swag Tote

With every new season comes an opportunity to turn the page in a chapter of our life, try something different, pursue a fresh goal, and reflect on what we would like to accomplish. Fall brings with it the promise of a new beginning and feels like the perfect time to explore the possibilities of who one can become this season.

For me, it will be the first time I will be working from home without a little one by my side. Both my children are now in school full-time and there is a definitive shift in my daily routine. With a jam-packed summer behind me and more time available during the days, I’ve committed this season to take on bigger work projects during the week, volunteer in my community and relish family time on evenings and weekends.

Fall is such a magical time, one that my family absolutely loves! There is so much to enjoy during like apple picking, nature walks, the beautiful tapestry of colourful leaves, visiting the pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving, and dressing up for Halloween. Along with all of these exciting family activities ahead, there are work events as well – and for both, my wardrobe needed a little bit of fall fashion sprucing! 

With that in mind, I took a trip to CF Rideau Centre and my first stop was the Fall Inspiration Station (located on the 2nd floor in the new expansion). This fun pop-up station, created in partnership with WE, allows shoppers to personalize a complimentary swag tote bag with an inspiration quote of your choice. There are computer stations set up and with a few quick questions, your tote bag will be create right on sight using a press. If you haven’t already stopped by, you definitely should this weekend (from Friday, September 15th – Sunday, September 17th). Your tote bag is filled with coupons, including 20% off when you purchase 3 items at H&M!

All set with my new tote bag, I headed that way to pick up some cozy fall sweaters, sunglasses, and jewelry. I’m really feeling cappuccino, rose gold, and chocolate tones this season and my go-to bright is salsa red! There are so many beautiful fall styles that have just arrived at CF Rideau all around the mall, it’s impossible not to be inspired. I shopped ‘til I dropped and feel so ready for the cooler weather ahead. Some of my favourite stores to visit are: Banana Republic, H&M, L’Intervalle, Simons, Forever 21, Sephora, and Anthropologie – to name a few!

With fall just around the corner, there’s no better time to take time for yourself, think of what your hope is for this season and even consider how your clothes fit in with your aspirations. My new suede fall booties have me planning a horseback riding excursion!

You can visit your nearest CF shopping centre to experience the Fall Inspiration Station and for more info on CF Rideau Centre, including mall hours, visit their website here.

This piece is in collaboration with CF Rideau Centre and the Fall Inspiration Station Campaign. As always, all opinions are personal.

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  1. This is good! New season, new beginnings! Love fall because you can try to accomplish some goals and get things done before the new year.

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