31 Simple Things To Be Grateful For

31 Simple Things To Be Grateful For

What is gratitude?

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness

Expressing gratitude for the simple things in life, each and everyday, has an incredible impact on your outlook and the way you connect with people. From personal experience, taking five minutes each day to think about something I am grateful for makes me realize just how much I have and how much joy is in my life. Last month, I shared my daily gratitude journal with you on social media and I was so encouraged by readers and followers who shared what they were thankful for in their day or how my post inspired them. Here is a list of 31 simple things that I am grateful for.

I encourage you to make your own list, as we might have some cross over, I’m sure there will be different and wonderful things that you are grateful for in your own life.

  1. My family
  2. My garden
  3. The beauty that surrounds me every day
  4. Home sweet home
  5. My country: Canada
  6. Food (please donate to your local food bank!)
  7. Music and dancing, she’s a gem!
  8. My darling daughter
  9. Times alone to reflect 
  10. My mom – who taught me to dream and work hard.
  11. People who make me laugh
  12. My sweet son, he’s incredible!
  13. Quiet coffee breaks where everything slows down
  14. Favourite books, the ones you read over and over again.
  15. My husband, he’s my person <3 
  16. Mornings, where every new day is a gift
  17. God’s love that sustains me
  18. Easy Sundays, relaxing afternoons
  19. Things that soothe my soul: children’s laughter, leaves crunching under my feet, a sweet letter in the mailbox
  20. Frozen berries to make smoothies! I use them almost every day.
  21. My bed, so cozy and warm
  22. Fall – crisp, cool days, bright colours, pumpkin patches
  23. Learning from my mistakes
  24. Good friends
  25. My unique light and the unique sparkle in every one I know  – shine bright!
  26. Teachers and mentors
  27. Ability to work from home
  28. Life’s challenges that make me stronger
  29. I’m thankful my family has shelter, warm clothes, and food (please support your local shelter in anyway you can).
  30. For every year I’m alive
  31. For hope, new possibilities, and exciting adventures ahead
Emily Smith

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  1. I enjoyed seeing your gratitude journal last month. It reminded me to think a bit more about my own surroundings and how grateful I am for them (the people, places, things)

  2. This is STUNNINGLY done. I love the way you’ve worded each expression of gratitude and the images you chose to showcase each part of life you’re grateful for. Absolutely beautifully done. Thanks so much for linking up <3

  3. Gorgeous! Every single one of your photos and every message on each of them. Incredible. What a wonderful challenge to see something amazing you love out of every single day. Thank you so much for linking up with us!!

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