5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Hygge

Last holiday season, we had a guest from Denmark visit us for a holiday dinner. When she came into our home she exclaimed how cozy everything was. I immediately asked her if it was “hygge” and she excitedly confirmed it was! 

Needless to say, I took it as a great compliment. 

That Hygge Feeling

We spent much of the evening discussing the concept of hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) while we counted down to the new year, and I learned a lot about what makes hygge so special and why I’m so attracted to its principles.

A funny coincidence: before our guests arrived my son added soft blankets and throws to our couches. I asked him what he was doing and as he explained, someone might want to cuddle up and be cozy tonight! As our new Danish friend wrapped in the blanket my son laid out gave us a more in-depth look at hygge, I realized how perfect Canada is to adopt the Danish way of relaxation…and how in our home, we already have a whole lot of hygge going on.

Our Danish friend confirmed Hygge is more of an attitude than an aesthetic. While you can make something look cozy, how much relaxation is actually going on in that space?  

A Hyggeligt Moment

For our friend, Hygge was as simple as coming home from work, on Friday evening – switching into comfy clothes, watching a movie with her family, and having her favourite snacks and sodas. 

I thought this was lovely, and it made me think about all the small things I can incorporate into our home to make it more relaxing and more hygge -while also consciously enjoying more hyggeligt moments, whether on my own or with my family and friends.

If you too are looking to add a few more elements to help you relax this season, then here a few tips I have for making your world a little more hygge! 

Adding a Little More Hygge to Your Life

  1. Candles – the soft light of candles relaxes us, and helps our body transition from “busy mode” to one of winding down. Just adding a few in your living room and turning down the lights can help add an immediate atmosphere of chilling out. 
  2. Comfy clothes – when you are out and about all day, don’t underestimate the luxury of coming home and switching to a comfy outfit! This will not only relax your body but help your mind go from business to being easy. 
  3. Family activities – when the whole family is on their own schedule all day, coming together for a family meal in the evenings is a great way to connect. You can take that one step further by watching a movie or playing a board game together. What this does is foster togetherness, adding to an overall comfy and happy household mood. 
  4. Hot drinks and hot meals – I am a big-time coffee lover, especially in the mornings, but in the evening making a hot cup of tea, cocoa, or even a warm cider is just so soothing. This and a warm meal is a perfect combination of settling in comfortably during this chilly season! 
  5. Something sweet – one of the funniest and sweetest things our Danish guest explained was how for her a soda and candy was a perfect example of hygge. Having something sweet is certainly a mood lifter and I think a wonderful way to enjoy a nice evening in.

Slow Down and Enjoy the Little Things

It’s no surprise that our culture is a busy one, but there are elements you can incorporate into your life and home that will help you relax more and create a beneficial coziness! Making your home more hygge is more about attitude than it is about aesthetics and it is easy to attain. 

Slow down, enjoy your space, grab a good book and a hot drink, put on some music, have a candlelit dinner party, and be light-hearted.

Have a great hygge tip to share? Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear it!

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  1. Oh my gosh, this is exactly the mode I’m craving all the time when I’m home. I didn’t know there was a word for it!

  2. Your ideas for hooga warmth and comfort after a long day are lovely. I love scented candles,soft music, warm baths,comfy clothes, drinks, and movies…. oh and sweets too. Thanks for sharing this knowledge from your Danish guest. We do have a lot in common with them.

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