A Life Worth Living


Everyday there is so much to discover, to learn, to enjoy and to live for. I’m a new mom of a beautiful 4 month old boy and the wife of the most amazing husband in this world – who also happens to be a US Sailor on deployment to the North Arabian Gulf right now. He’s due back in 5 months and I’m counting the days!

But back to discovery…there is so much that we can take in and continue to learn each day, it’s outstanding. I look at how fast my little one is growing and learning and it blows me away. He is so full of life and vim! Living for each moment.

I decided to create a blog about The Best of this Life! What makes me glow and creates enthusiasm within? Does it do the same for others?  What are my favorite places, recipes, wines, fashion lines, good reads, etc…are other people getting the same joy out of them as I am?  I would love to connect with people who are loving life, people I may learn from, people who might learn something from my discoveries and pass them on.  I am inspired by a great deal and I want to share that excitement! Right now, I’m learning new cooking styles, finding out all about the baby world (new territory!), reading books when there is time, practicing a gluten-free diet and re-discovering Ottawa, Canada…I’m a little all over the place and I think it’s grand! Making an experiment out of every day is a marvelous thing 🙂

If you do stumble here, I hope you find some inspiration and leave your footprint as well!

Loving life –

Emily Smith

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