A Visit to the Canada Agriculture Museum

Do you remember going to the farm or a petting zoo when you were little?  I do, on several
different occasions and I always loved seeing the animals.  We took Little A. this Fall to a small
animal  farm and he loved it so much, we wanted to make sure to get to the Canada Agriculture Museum  this Winter.  The animal barn entry is by donation from now until the end of February!

Aiden loved the horses and the rambunctious goats.  We got to see 14 day old piglets and
the cutest black and white bunnies.  We were warmly dressed for the occasion, and thankfully
it was milder weather than it has been in a while.  So we got to play outside in the snow and
have some fun on the playground.

Did we ever have a blast!  If you’re looking for something to do in Ottawa, why not pay a visit
to some awfully cute farm animals.  For more information about the museum please visit 
P.S What’s your favourite farm animal?  
Emily Smith

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  1. awe what a day straight from heaven! glad to see you all bundled up, Ottawa gets a bit breezy this time of year hey? love the farm pics Emily, you 3 look great while on this adventure. i am partial to the little lambies, my Dad used to call my his little lamb, think that has something to do with it. they are darling. xo ♥

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