Alpha Hydroxy Orange Exfoliator

I shared this DIY exfoliator before (here) – but wanted to write about it again, since it really is such a wonderful natural beauty remedy. Just two powerful ingredients coming together to exfoliate your skin to perfection. The first time you use the exfoliator, you’ll notice a more even complexion and after several uses, you’ll notice that any uneven skin color or marks fade dramatically.  It does a great job cleaning out the pores too! It’s an affordable, natural option over other store-bought counterparts that use artificial micro beads (read: plastic) – instead, you have something pure, but equally up to the task.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can help rejuvenate aged and photodamaged skin.

While oral supplementation with vitamin C is important for maintaining one’s overall health, it is not very effective at increasing skin concentrations of vitamin C because its absorption is limited by active transport mechanisms in the gut.The most effective method for replenishing vitamin C in the skin is therefore to go straight to the source, and apply it directly to the skin (source)

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Alpha Hydroxy Orange Exfoliator

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  • Author: Emily Smith


A fresh faced DIY exfoliator that purifies, cleanses, and replenishes level of Vitamin C in your skin.


  • 1/2 an orange, juiced
  • 1/3 cup of baking soda


  1. Mix together in a small glass bowl.
  2. Wet face with warm water.
  3. Use to gently exfoliate face and neck.
  4. Rinse with cool water.
  5. Pat dry.


  • Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic. Take all necessary precautions with the preparation and application of homemade beauty treatments. Avoid contact with eyes. The responsibility lies with the reader. If you have sensitive skin, please patch test on your arm before applying all over your body.

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Enjoy! xo

Emily Smith

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  1. Hi Emily thanks for the exofoliator recipe! I will be sure to try it out soon. Do you know if it helps with blackheads too? Been suffering with those for a while now.

    1. Hi Nala! It definitely helps with blackheads! Yay 🙂 Use a warm face cloth over the desired area and leave it there for 2 minutes. This opens pores. Then use the scrub to lift out the blackhead dirt. Remove with warm water and gently (I mean gently!) extract any remaining blackheads. Close pores with cool water and/or refreshing toner. Hope that helps xo

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