And just like that…It’s my birthday!

Today is my birthday.

This past year has been both amazing and incredibly difficult.  I spent the majority of it apart
from my soulmate. I can’t tell you how much beauty has filled each day of this year simply
because of the arrival of our Little One, and yet, still so much heartache at being separated from
my husband.  But even in such a dichotomy,  I experienced and lived so much
wonderment everyday and was surrounded by the love of family and friends.
Now, my best friend and the love of my life is home for good and although we may face other
stresses and bumps, the sigh of relief is that we face them together.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and my birthday has sort of snuck up on me.
My husband has been up to some secret planning this week, but even his curious behaviour didn’t
make me any more aware of it’s coming.  But it’s here, so happy birthday to me! 
This morning I’m having brunch with family and tonight Mr. Smith is taking me out, just the two of us.
I’m glad to be celebrating with loved ones and so thankful to have my husband home with me this year. That, in of itself, is a very special birthday present.
Today, I look forward to good times, laughter, a cupcake or two, and being with those that are nearest and dearest to my heart.  
I wanted to leave you with an inspiration board today, compiled of pretty things that come in two colors that have caught my attention recently.  I love coral and navy together – I find it so unexpected and playful.  If I were throwing you a birthday party,  I would have to make it coral + navy…. with lots of fun stripes, full bloom bouquets of roses, dreamy cupcakes and ombre bunting!
Happy Birthday to all those who are celebrating theirs today, hope it’s a wonderful day!
Emily Smith

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  1. yahhhhhhhhhh Emily!!!!! happiest birthday wishes to you my fellow Scorpio sister. i know this years been a bit bumpy at the start but now it’s only smooth roads to travel along. family intact and in massive love with each other being the numero uno of the awesome department. enjoy your day of bliss lades, you deserve everything good, kind and whole in your life. ♥

    pea ess: thanks for all the rousing, incredible comments you’ve left me. i appreciate your understanding like you wouldn’t believe! great to be able to catch up here today. girl, the blog design is brilliant! xoox

  2. My dear lady and best friend, today we let everything stop and celebrated most properly. It’s your birthday, but you are not the only one that has great allowance to celebrate it; this is the loveliest day of the year because on this day my beautiful wife was born. Thank you my Mrs. Smith, I am humbled to be yours. Happy Birthday my Emily.


  3. Emily,
    So happy i was able to pop over to wish you a Happy Birthday!
    What beautiful reflections. Birthdays are a great opportunity to look back and see the trials and triumphs that has brought us where we are.
    You deserve a week long celebration!
    Hope it is wonderful,

  4. voe the moodboard you’ve put up. esp love that chair- I want one!! and i love coral with navy too. i hope you did manage to have a birthday filled with balloons, fluffy taffeta skirts, and lots of coral and navy! happy belated birthday xxx

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