Bean & Vegetable Layered Dip + Muir Glen Organic

Summer entertaining season is upon us – from Father’s Day to backyard BBQs, the events are already lining up. The warmer months are often a time when we have friends and family over. It’s a great season to throw a party outside and enjoy a appetizers and a great meal alfresco.

When it comes to hosting a gathering, keeping it simple goes a long way. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself (and others) with an over the top dish. Easy, good food is often the best choice – like this delicious Bean & Vegetable Layered Dip. It’s a hearty appetizer that is straight-forward to make, and everyone loves it!

Tasty layers of vegetables, including fresh-tasting Muir Glen® organic diced tomatoes, top a savoury and lightly spiced bean base – bringing together a beautiful medley of flavours.

This is an ideal appetizers to make when entertaining guests. You can throw it together with ease and everyone can munch on it while you prep the main courses.

I love the fresh and juicy taste of Muir Glen Organic tomatoes. They are absolutely scrumptious used in a cold dip or salad, as well as in your favourite hot dish – like pasta, casseroles, and sauces.

Muir Glen is committed to spectacular flavour – their tomatoes are field grown and vine ripened under certified organic practices. That means no synthetic pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, and true to nature.

To get the recipe for this Bean and Vegetable Layered Dip, visit muirglen.com

Fresh, whole foods is the best start to a great party!

Here are five other of my best hosting tips:
  1. Plan, plan, plan! Have a set menu, write out how long each appetizer and course will take you to prepare and time it – so you’re not left scrambling.
  2. Greet your guests. The more you can do ahead of time, the better. You want to be as prepared as possible so that when you guests start to arrive, you can take short breaks from the kitchen to greet, offer a drink and mingle.
  3. Appetizers. It’s a good idea to set out nibbles and appetizers for your guests so they have something to snack on while waiting for the main meal. Cut up vegetables and dip, cheese and crackers, and a variety of olives are a good place to start.
  4. Music. A light soundtrack for the party keeps things fun, light-hearted, and sets the tone. Create a playlist ahead of time of your favourite music to set the mood. If it’s a backyard summer party, an oldies playlist with classic tunes that everyone will recognize and hum along to would be spot on.
  5. Check in with your guests. Asking if they would like a fresh drink or if they’ve had a chance to try a dish is a courteous way to show that you want them to enjoy themselves.

I’d love for you to share YOUR best hosting tip(s) with us! Leave a comment on this post and you could win a Muir Glen Organic Prize Pack including: 4 varieties of Muir Glen Organic tomatoes and a $50 President’s Choice Gift Card!*

After you’ve left a comment, there are more ways to enter in the giveaway widget. Good luck!

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What is your best hosting tip?


This delicious editorial is sponsored by Muir Glen. All opinions are personal.

Emily Smith

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  1. My best hosting tip is when people offer to help…let them! When planning and organizing a party you need all the help you can can so you can also enjoy the event.

  2. i am not much of a host, so don’t have the best of tips. my thought is to have a potluck and barbecue and spend the time outdoors. Everyone brings a dish, and shares a new recipe.

  3. 🙂 My hosting tip plan , organize a way ahead 🙂 analyze the people coming 🙂 get some music 🙂 enjoy the coment. make them feel home and warm!

  4. My best hosting tip is greeting people when they come, make sure they have everything they want or need then tell them to make themselves at home. Once they are comfortable I tell them my home is their home so be sure to get anything they want. This helps me have more time interacting with my guests.

  5. I like to plan ahead, make sure I know what I’m cooking and I have all the ingredients. Prepare what I can ahead and have my house cleaned. Keep things simple but a bit fancy as well

  6. My best hosting tip is to prep as much as you can before hand. It’ll give you time to mingle with your guest and really enjoy YOUR party!

  7. Do as much prepping ahead of time as you can so you can spend more time with guests when they arrive.

  8. Make sure meet all your guests food requirements…diabetic, gluten free, lactose intolerant, then EVERYONE will have a good time!

  9. My best hosting tip is don’t be afraid to ask for help and offer a variety of hot and cold foods to meet all taste bud requirements. If you have gluten free – having a variety will allow everybody to have something to eat.

  10. Don’t over extend yourself or your house!! If you plan on an outdoor event, make sure you can move it indoors easily if it happens to rain. Dont try to do it all yourself either, if anyone offers help, TAKE IT, esp when it comes to food (unless your catering it all)

  11. i call or email each guest and ask about allergies are the a vegetarian etc i then try to accommodate each guest.

  12. Make as much food as you can in advance. That way you have less to do when they are there.

  13. My best hostess tip is to have a potluck so you are not stressed about doing everything yourself.

  14. My best tip is to accept help when asked. It is such a stress reliever when someone offers to bring something or help prepare for an event.

  15. My hosting tip-do as much ahead as possible so you can enjoy your party. I set my table the night before and get all serving dishes out and label what goes in each one-you also will not leave something in the fridge if you do this.

  16. When hosting I try and have as much as possible prepared in advance. I get the family to help out with the table and cleaning.

  17. My best hosting tip is to prepare dishes that can be made ahead so you don’t have as much to do the day of your event and can enjoy your guests to the fullest.

  18. Best hosting tip is to make sure you have lots of food and drinks on hand, and always ask if anyone has any food allergies

  19. My best tip is to prepare as much as you can before so when guests arrive the focus is on them! 🙂

  20. I try to do things well in advanced also.,… I also try to make sure that my guess are having a good time.

  21. Prepare as much ahead as possible so you have time to visit and laugh with your friends, that is why you invited them over in the first place ?

  22. I like to have food that I can prepare the day before so I can enjoy the night with friends.

  23. I don’t do much hosting but when I do I make sure to have a ton of snackies, finger foods, a variety of drinks and great music

  24. My best hosting tip is to do as much prep as possible before hand so you have time to enjoy the party!

  25. My tip is to choose one or two signature cocktails and make a big pitcher of each in advance, so guests can go and have a refill whenever they like.

  26. The only tip I can think of is make sure you do all your prepping and prepare as much food and as much of anything really, you want to spend time with your guests and mingle, you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen the whole time, and if anyone asks to help let them, no shame in getting a little help!!

  27. Try to chose food or drinks that can be made ahead of time and enlist your family to help out.

  28. My best hosting tip is to keep things simple. That way you have time to prep everything, make it great, and enjoy your time with your guests!

  29. My best hosting tip is to clean as you go and have as much stuff prepared ahead of time as you can.

  30. Make sure everyone is offered a drink right away when they arrive. (and be sure to have non-alcoholic options!)

  31. Don’t be stingy with the alcohol! If your running late cooking or there is a problem of some kind, drinks will keep the guests happy until the problem is resolved!

  32. I have lists for everything for the last few days before we have guests, they keep me organized 🙂

  33. since we have food intolerances i always check with our guests to see if they do as well, or if there’s any ingredient in particular they could do without. I want people to feel comfortable!
    It’s not that hard to be considerate 🙂

  34. My hosting tip is to plan & organize. Get as much as you can done ahead of time so you can spend time enjoying your guests.

  35. Plan as much as possible ahead of time,and have a variety of drinks,as not everyone likes the same thing!

  36. My best hosting tip is to check with your guests to see if anyone has any allergies or if anyone does not like what you plan to put on the menu. We want our guests happy and healthy of course!

  37. I always select a menu of items that I can do most, if not all, of the prep beforehand. I’m less frazzled and have more time with the guests.

  38. My best hosting tip is to prep as much as possible ahead of time so that you actually get time to socialize with your guests!

  39. My best hosting tip is to be prepared before your guests arrive. that way you can enjoy your time with them with minimal time in the kitchen.

  40. My best hosting tip is to keep it simple, you want to enjoy the party not be hidden away the whole time. Pre-cook everything you can and enlist in as much help as possible.

  41. My best hosting tip is to be organised in advance- have a to-do list with schedule of when to do it and what, helps to avoid forgetting things or having to rush like a maniac at the last minute. Planning ahead, preparation is key but my to-do list is a life saver because on paper keeps me on track, and I can review it and can also designate tasks to other people. It really helps tremendously. So that the day of the gathering, I am less stressed and can be a great hostess.

  42. Prepare as much in advance as possible, including cleaning, that way you have more time to enjoy your guests. 🙂

  43. My best hosting tip is to check if anyone has any allergies that you need to be aware of so that you can plan the food accordingly.

  44. My best hostessing tip is to be organized before your guests arrive. I like to have all my food prep and decorating done before the party starts.

  45. My best hosting tip is to do lots of prep work in the time you have before the guests arrive.
    I like to have a variety of appetizers and cold drinks ready and also a pot of freshly brewed coffee.

  46. Whatever items you need that can be prepared the night before do so. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help the day of hosting.

  47. My best hosting tip is to do as much as possible the day before. Also, I always stick with tried and true recipes that I know will work. This is not the time to experiment! Thank you for the giveaway!

  48. My best hosting tip is if you have people who aren’t well introduced with one another, have an ice breaker at the beginning of your party. It will make everyone feel a lot more comfortable.

  49. My hosting tip is to make your guests center stage by catering to their preferences with a buffet style meal. Providing ‘something for everyone’ will ensure they will leave the table happy that they got to choose the dishes they wanted to eat!

  50. I keep things simple when hosting. Simple drinks & food prepared before so you arent standing working making food vs visiting

  51. Colour! Make it HAPPY! Colourful food, decorations, flowers, napkins and even your hand towels!

  52. My best hosting tip these days is to ask about allergies and dietary requirements ahead of time so that food can be planned accordingly. Having hosted people with nut allergies, gluten sensitivities, dairy allergies etc. it is very disappointing for both the host and guest when food is prepared and cannot be eaten.

  53. My best hosting tip is to have a variety of food that includes gluten free and fun non alcoholic options.

  54. My best hosting tip is the KISS principle. I like to do pulled pork on buns and cole slaw where everyone can serve themselves. Have a couple of side dishes and salads for variety. This should cover the gluten-free and vegetarian folks. And never say no to guests who ask if they can bring something. Anything will do!

  55. My hosting tip would be to have a plan and be prepared before ha and so you can be a part of the fun too.

  56. My best hosting tip is organization – prepare as many dishes as possible ahead of time and freeze them. If you receive offers of help, graciously accept them and let them know what is needed.

  57. My best tip is to prepare and prep as much as you can ahead of time, and take into account your guests needs when menu planning (celiac, vegetarian, etc).

  58. My hosting tip involves making a list, trying to keep it simple but delicious and always end the event with a fabulous dessert. I also like to make as much in advance as possible so I can enjoy my own party and friends. Thanks for the giveaway too.

  59. Encourage people to make themselves at home. I find that it takes some of the stress off me to be the perfect host (and read their minds) if they feel that they can truly eat and enjoy themselves the way they would at home.

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  60. My best tip is to make sure everyone knows a few people who will be there so no one feels left out

  61. My best hosting tip is to get as much of the food ready ahead of time as you can so you can spend time with your guests. Before you start preparing the food make sure that you know if any of your guests have dietary restrictions so you can make sure there is something for everyone.

  62. I don’t host very often but my best tip is to do as much preparation in advance so that you have some time to enjoy your guests.

  63. My best hosting tip is to make things that you can refrigerate beforehand, making less work before your company arrives!

  64. I know it’s “old-fashioned” but many people don’t RSVP these days! Make sure you know who is and who isn’t coming to make your hostessing duties go smoothly.

  65. My best tip when hosting is always make sure everyone has a drink within the first 5-10 mins or arrival and make sure they always have something on hand, offer to refill or another drink if they need.

  66. Always have enough and a variety of food and drink so everyone is satisfied, even the picky eaters.

  67. I think it’s a good idea to have a variety of drink options for guests, including non-alcoholic options. Nice to have little charms to identify one’s own glass too, because it makes it easier to know whose glass is whose!

  68. Best tip would be to pre make a few things a few days earlier so you have less to do on the day . make sure you know any dietary needs well before hand so you can accommodate since you are the host that is your responsibility

  69. Be yourself and make sure you have enough food and drinks! Very important to plan ahead and make sure your guests have a great time!

  70. My best hosting tip is to prepare make-ahead or easy to prepare dishes so you will have more time entertaining than kitchen time.

  71. My best hosting tip is to be reasonable with the plan and your expectations. Everyone will have a better time if the host/hostess is not stressed out.

  72. My best hosting tip would be to prep as much as possible before hand. Have a checklist in hand to keep track of all the things you need to do.

  73. My best hostessing tip is to make as much as possible in advance so you have more time to visit with your guests.

  74. Always have as much done beforehand as you can – the best host is the one that actually socializes!

  75. My tip is to have lots of food and a variety to meet the needs/likes/dietary restrictions of everyone.

  76. If you are serving alcohol make sure you have plenty of food and set out a late night snack as well. Make sure everyone has a designated driver or safe way home at the end of the night. Also make sure to introduce people and maybe let them know if they have something in common to start conversations. Prep ahead of time and enlist helpers if offered! Have fun yourself and relax 😉

  77. I also like the idea of a potluck, to reduce stress and increase variety. As well, to manage anxiety, I try to shift my focus to my guests and accept “good enough” instead of stressing for perfection.

  78. My best tip – if you are at ease, your guests will be, too. A stressed out host makes for a stressed out party.

  79. My best tip would be to do as much as possible beforehand, and take advantage of any help that is offered.

  80. Best hosting tip… personalize the experience for your guests. So if you are having dinner, set the table specifically for the event, make sure you have place-settings with your guests name, have a welcome or thank you for attending gift, etc.

  81. My best hosting tip is to keep a good variety of food to cater to different tastes, and items that are easy for people to eat.

  82. I don’t so much host a party as I invite friends and family to make themselves at home. I show them where everything is and they’re free to eat and drink as they wish.

  83. I think having a pot luck makes everyone feel like they have helped out. The host provides the cozy atmosphere on the patio.

  84. My best hosting tip is to get almost everything done in advance and then I can do the minimal prep when the guests have arrived!

  85. I think asking everyone to contribute a bit helps reduce the stress of the person hosting. The host can prepare the main meal items but doesn’t have to stress about everything else.

  86. Prepare a few days before! I think the most important thing to hosting is preparing what you’re going to make and ensuring you have all plates/cups/etc to serve with!

  87. My best hosting tip is to be as organized as possible and graciously accept guests offers to bring something. You’ll make them feel good and will be able to spend more time with them too as you won’t be so busy in the kitchen!

  88. I don’t have a best hosting tip because I’m not much of a host. It scares me being alone in a room with someone other than my siblings. I guess that’s why I’m sitting here, alone.

  89. My best hosting tip is to prepare as much as I can ahead of time so I can spend all the time with my guests that I can.

  90. My best hosting tip is to have a variety of beverages, including non-alcoholic choices, and a variety of different foods for different eating styles.

  91. Enjoy your guests when hosting a party, don’t ignore them because your so busy trying to make a great event. They will appreciate your company more.

  92. Make clean up easier for yourself by using disposable plates, cups and cutlery so you can enjoy more time with your guests

  93. My best hosting tip is just being friendly and social and making sure my guests are happy, fed and that everything is clean!

  94. Make sure you plan for extra food and drinks. you can never have too much, but it can be horrible to not have enough for all guests or any surprise guests.

  95. My best hosting tip is to make sure that there are places for everyone to sit, especially when food is being served.

  96. My best hosting tip is to prepare anything you can ahead time like food prep the day before and don’t be afraid to enlist your family’s help.

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