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High-End Body and Facial Skincare Treatments You Can Use At Home

Raise your hand if you like going to the spa. Yeah, me too. Getting a facial is one of my favourite rejuvenating experiences I’ll treat myself to once every blue moon. The best part about a facial at a luxury spa or salon is the skincare treatments they use. It all comes down to high-quality products that pamper your skin and target your specific needs.

While getting a facial is a sporadic event, caring for my skin every day at home is part of my daily beauty routine.

I believe that a little self-care each day goes a long way! Thankfully, La Maison Clayton Shagal brings the spa experience to you, at home, with their incredible line of skincare products that are designed, developed, and produced here in Canada.

I’ve recently discovered their skincare line and I’m impressed. The very first product I tried was the Mokaccino Mask for the face and body. I love skincare masks, so I was excited to test this one. It did not disappoint! This rejuvenating mask felt rich and velvety on my skin. When I rinsed it off, my skin was visibly plump, hydrated, had a healthy flush.

La Maison Clayton Shagal is a Canadian Family Business

For over 35 years, La Maison Clayton Shagal has been developing, manufacturing, and distributing its line of high-end body and facial skin care products for women and men. You can find their products online at claytonshagal.com or exclusively in beauty salons, spas, institutes, and clinics.

I’ve incorporated their skincare line into my home beauty routine and my skin is thanking me. The biggest game-changer for me has been using their Collagen Serum and Elastin Gel. I noticed my skin responded immediately to these products!

La Maison Clayton Shagal uses one of the purest forms of collagen extraction available. Their Collagen Gel is composed of 99% pure non-hydrolyzed acid-soluble collagen. It sinks into the dermis with no need for injections!

A Closer Look at The Clayton Shagal Skincare Products I Tried

Gel Lotion Cleanser: this is my everyday cleanser right now. It’s super light-weight, has a mild scent, removes makeup, and tones my skin. That’s my kind of cleanser; soothing, calming to my skin (I have sensitive skin), leaving it feeling soft and clean.

Milk Cleanser: I have been using the Milk Cleanser on days where my skin feels dry. Especially during the winter months (and for post-sun exposure in the summer), when my skin feels dehydrated from cold wind and warm indoor heat, a richer cleanser like this one helps to bring balance. I love the texture! It’s so rich and non-drying, yet it doesn’t leave my skin feeling like I’ve put cream on; it rinses off completely.

Ultra Matifying Cream: as someone who has sensitive and oily skin, I don’t like to use all-over drying creams for spots (acne). I much prefer a product like this one. I can use it to absorb oil production, helping to prevent breakouts. It’s a non-comedogenic formula that won’t clog pores so the skin can breathe properly.

Sensi Derm Cream: most days, I’ll wear the Ultra Matifying Cream during the day, and use the Sensi Derm Cream at night. However, if I’m going outside for a long walk, I’ll make sure to apply this cream. This product is so soothing! Oh my goodness, it goes on smooth and gets absorbed nicely by your skin. It’s meant to: “strengthen the outermost layer of the skin (the stratum corneum) by creating a barrier that protects the skin against harmful environmental effects, free radicals, photoaging, and oxidative stress.”

Discover La Maison Clayton Shagal Collagen Skincare Products

Collagen Serum: if there’s one product I don’t think I can live without now, it’s this one. What a difference it makes! It’s ultra-concentrated collagen that goes right into your skin. When I apply it, I notice a difference in my skin’s texture and overall appearance right away. Pores look smaller, redness is reduced, my skin just looks dewy and fresh. It’s supposed to “immediately produce a toning and revitalizing effect on the skin” and I can see it. Long term, it preserves and stimulates the production of naturally occurring collagen in the dermis and prevents and improves visible signs of premature skin aging and damage caused by UV rays, among other benefits.

Elastin Gel Plus: made with Alpha-Elastin – a natural, fibrous structural protein rich in amino acids with elastic and firming properties – this gel is so lightweight and helps restore elasticity to your skin. I like to apply it before a moisturizing cream in the evening. My skin just drinks it up!

Yes, I Love Beauty Masks!

Moisturizing Mask: I’ve used this mask twice. Both times, I found it strange to apply. Its consistency is a bit gooey and tacky. That said, once it’s on your face it feels quite soothing. And finally, when it’s rinsed off, your skin is incredibly soft (I mean, SO soft). If you’re looking for a mask that will deliver a major moisture dose and reduce skin irritation, inflammation, and redness – I would check this out. Again, after an afternoon of being outside on a damp, windy day, this was just what my skin needed.

Mokaccino Mask: as I mentioned above, this was the first product I tried from Clayton Shagal. It was calling my name! When I get hormonal spots and unwanted breakouts, mud and clay masks have always been helpful to nip them in the bud. This mask features Cocoa and Coffee Arabica Seed Powder – which are natural antioxidants. Not only does this mask help reduce skin spots and blemishes, but also works to restore balance and suppleness to the skin, among other benefits. I love this mask! It’s perfect for Sunday self-care.

Clear Skin Spot Treatment: for when you get an unwanted blemish! I’ve tested this on a few blemishes that showed up this month and felt it was fairly effective at reducing redness. While the spots I had didn’t disappear overnight, I think this treatment did help heal them. A key ingredient in this formula is Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid (NDGA) – an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

P.S. You’ll Love This Gentle Facial Scrub

Oat Bran Scrub: finding a gentle exfoliating scrub can be tough! I’ve tried a few that were just too abrasive for my skin. But that’s not the case for this Oat Bran Scrub. It’s gentle as can be and helps to remove excess oil (sebum) from the skin. It’s gentle enough to use up to 3 times a week to help prevent blackheads and tighten pores. If you’re looking for an effective yet gentle scrub, I highly recommend this one. It feels really good on your skin.

A Touch of Luxury for Your Skin

For the last few weeks, I’ve been treating my skin to this luxurious line of skincare products (thank you to the team at La Maison Clayton Shagal for sending them to me to try out). While some of the products have stood out for me, like the Collagen Serum, Mokaccino Mask, and Oat Bran Scrub, all of the ones I have tried have felt amazing.

The cleansers are soothing and leave my skin feeling refreshed. The moisturizers are hydrating yet lightweight. Even the gooey moisturizing mask I wasn’t that fond of, because of its texture, worked its magic.

When it comes to taking care of your skin, there’s no time like the present. Paying extra attention can make a noticeable difference right away. Not to mention, benefit your skin’s look and feel in the long run.

And who doesn’t want glowing skin!

To learn more about La Maison Clayton Shagal’s wide selection of products, including facial cleansers, scrubs, masks, serums, concentrates, and creams – visit claytonshagal.com

This piece is presented in partnership with La Maison Clayton ShagalAll opinions are honest and personal.

Emily Smith

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