Personalized Back-To-School Items For Kids

Book and Lunch box review and giveaway from I SEE ME

With the new school upon us, most parents are in the middle of labeling everything their kids own – like everything! And why wouldn’t you, when you’ve invested X amount of money into clothing, shoes, books, supplies, and lunch gear. The last thing you want is for those items to be misplaced and not be easily identifiable in the lost and found bin.

Taking it one step further, I’ve made a point of shopping for gear that you can personalize. This way, the items are clearly labelled in a fun and unique way. When I showed my son some of the items at he could personalize with his name, he got super excited! He was immediately smitten with the space theme and loved the lunch box, colouring book, and stickers that we ordered.

I SEE ME Lunchbox review and giveaway

All that excitement came flooding back on mail day when his package arrived with his new personalized back-school-items. 

“I can’t wait to show my friends, Mom!” he said.

The lunch box is a great size for a 1st grader. It’s larger than his lunch container from last year and easy for him to open and close. I like it just as much as he does!

I SEE MEE lunch box and book review and giveaway

His colouring and activity book is a fun exploration of all things space and includes short write ups with his name in them. He was mesmerized with it! He’s put his new stickers inside his school bag, on books, and to label his water bottle. 

There are lots of different themes your child can choose from, like farm animals and butterflies, to let their personality shine! 

To see the whole collection, visit I SEE ME’s website


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  1. I would love to win this for my grandson, he doesn’t get much and gets left out of a lot, so this would be perfect!!

  2. I would love to win this prize for my grandson because being the only boy he deserves it…seems everything is for the girls he says

  3. This prize would be for my daughter and I love that she can get her unusual name on something, and that it is space-themed since one of the jobs she wants when she grows up is astronaut!

  4. I would get this for my daughter. I think it’s a great way to help her learn how to spell her name. Plus she loves stickers!

  5. I would love this for my Zach and I love this because of how cool the lunch pail looks and it is personalised so would be a huge hit and excitement for my son .

  6. I’m not sure if I’d give this to my son or daughter, they could both put it to use! I like that it’s personalized.

  7. I would love to win this terrific prize package for my grandson. He’s going into grade 2 and loves to read about space.

  8. I’d love to win this for my youngest son. He would love the personalized element of the book and the the lunch box

  9. This would be for my son. I love that the story is about him so it will catch his attention and expand his imagination!

  10. This would be for my grandson if I won. What I like is that it is personalized. Every child likes a book with their name in it and it makes them feel special.

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