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Gluten-Free Fettucini with Olives and Tomato Sauce

I don’t measure time the way I used to.

With calendars and alarm clocks.
Appointments back to back keeping the beat of the hours and minutes in my day –
always planning for the next thing on the schedule.

Things are different now.  My husband has taught me to slow down a bit.
When we first started dating, it was incredibly difficult to walk hand in hand…I was nearly pulling him along I walked so fast.  I picked up that tempo when I lived in New York City.  And then again, when I moved to Montreal and worked in the fast-paced fashion industry. It was always go, go, go.

But now, I take pleasure in stirring the pasta sauce.  Adding in the spices at just the right time – not by the clock, but by the feeling. All while sipping a glass of Prosecco and taking the time to follow my instinct, not just the recipe.

Having been through two long deployments with my husband – days apart were sometimes longer than you could possibly have imagined they would be, filled with longing and missing. And then some days moving so quickly you wondered where they went. Bittersweet – because you were happy to be one day closer to reuniting, but sad that the present day was lost on you.

There was no true measurement of time while we were separated.
Only counting the days in a broad sense.

Sun up to sun down, one day closer.

With our little one, time is mostly told by playtimes, naps and feedings.  Little hands rubbing eyes for sleepy hour, bursts of joyful noises when it’s time for toys, coos and cuddles for story time.

Making the most of each moment, every beautiful day that we share together, the present time that is ours to grasp and live to the fullestthat is how I’m relating to time these days.  More and more.  I always feel the pull towards making a schedule, lining things up for the day and planning for the week.  That’s fine and I still do that sometimes, but less and less.

When my husband asked me to grow old with him, I said yes.
And when he asked me to measure time by a different standard, I said yes.

So we do.

We measure it by cups of coffee, conversations, stamps in our passports, glasses of champagne, pasta dinners and everything that is beautiful in this life.


Gluten-Free Fettucini with Olives and Tomato Sauce
Serves two

Brown rice fettucini, two servings
4 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 Tbsp herbes de provence
A tsp of hot pepper flakes (less or more by taste)
Pinch of salt
1/2 cup of olives, pitted (I used Kalamata olives)
2 cups quartered cherry tomatoes
2 Tbsp grated Parmesan

Over medium high heat, heat up oil and saute olives for about 5 minutes, add in the hot pepper flakes
and balsamic vinegar as the olives are browning.  Add cherry tomatoes and herbes de provence (pinch of salt, optional).  Bring heat down to medium, stir and cook for 8 minutes.  Bring heat to low, let simmer
for another 8-10 minutes.

Because gluten-free pasta can be a bit tricky, I suggest following the directions on the box of the brand that you choose.  My mom picked these up for me at the bulk store (sans cooking time instruction), so I went with my instinct and gave them 12 minutes of cooking time; they were perfectly al dente.  But there are some kinds that only require 8 minutes…so watch closely!  Add half a teaspoon of olive oil to help prevent them from sticking together.

Pour sauce over bowl of pasta, top with fresh grated parmesan and enjoy!
We accompanied this meal with a glass of Prosecco and let me tell you, the combination was excellent.

Emily Smith

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  1. Not so much a pasta person myself, but if it is prepared with such a philosophy on time well spent: I am right there! Just the pictures alone make you want to take time, relax and enjoy simple, beautiful and delicious memory making moments.

  2. Emily this sounds awesome! Thank you for sharing all these beautiful recipes! I love visuals to go along with cooking. Forwarding a few of these to a friend who is gluten free!
    Have a great week,

  3. Thank you Nicole!

    Anonymous…thanks for dropping by and I’m happy to have inspired.

    Anna, you’re so welcome – it’s my pleasure to do so!
    Thank you for passing the recipes along to your friend. For so long, I had no frame of reference for gluten-free recipes, that sometimes it could be quite frustrating! I hope they find some of these helpful…and tasty! Have a wonderful week too 🙂

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous blog! Thanks for the sweet comments. I will be tuning in regularly for sure 🙂

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