Gluten-Free Ground Beef Tomato Spinach Casserole

{Yum! Lunch with the girls}
{Making the casserole}
{Top with grated cheese and ready to bake}
What a mouth full! This Gluten-Free Beef Tomato Spinach Casserole was a hit! Yesterday was lunch with the girls and what a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon…eating good food, great conversation, 
catching up with events of the week, and having lots of laughs.  This recipe is a cinch and tastes delicious. Everything is pre-cooked, except the fresh spinach. Here’s what you want to do:
– Gluten Free Pasta (I used brown rice spirals)
– Diced Tomatoes (canned or fresh)
– Fresh Spinach
– 1 small package of lean ground beef
– fresh spices; salt, pepper, basil, oregano
– 1/2 – 3/4 cup grated cheese (I used old cheddar)
Okay, so boil the pasta and take it off when it’s el dente. Set aside.
Brown your beef, add the tomatoes and spices, simmer for 20 minutes to get a nice flavor.
Now layer the casserole, pasta, fresh spinach, ground beef tomato mixture, a little bit of cheese and once more, topping with the rest of the cheese.  Put in the oven at 325 F for 20 minutes, and then broil the top for 5 minutes and voilà!  A perfect Sunday dish  to enjoy with great company and a glass of your favorite red wine! Cheers to good eating and fabulous friends!


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  1. What brand of rice noodles did you use? Often when I make mine they come out soggy. This casserole looks delicious and easy and I’m going to give it a go.

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