Heading Back To The Gym After A While? 5 Things To Remember!

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Heading Back To The Gym After A While? 5 Things To Remember!
If you are a newbie to working out or attending the gym (or it’s simply been a while), it can get to be pretty overwhelming. I know when I first started to go to the gym as a teenager,  I had no clue where to start –  and then again postnatal, it was a whole new learning curve for what was right for my physical fitness level. I wasn’t sure what machines to use, how long I should be working out, what equipment I needed, I was completely and totally lost. Well today I am going to be helping you with simple tips to get you started. We are going to be talking about some of the things to consider doing and not doing when it comes to working out. Let’s get into it!
5 Things To Remember When Going Back To The Gym After a Hiatus: 

Start Small: When you go from rarely (or never) working out and jump into a fitness routine you don’t want to do too much too quickly. I recommend starting out small, doing short sessions on each of the machines you feel comfortable using or joining a beginner’s fitness class. If you need to take a break, don’t be afraid to do so. You have to build up your stamina and you will be able to do longer sessions over time. Most gyms offer a service (sometimes free with your membership), where a trained staff member or fitness trainer will help walk you through the gym, how to use each machine and even create a fitness routine for your level, including a warm up, cool down, and stretches. This is absolutely worth looking into! If you’re working out at home, make sure you are following a regime that is within your fitness level range and always remember to warm up your body before getting into it so you don’t pull a muscle. 

Should You Be Lifting Weights? When it comes to weight lifting, you may not want to jump right into doing so right away without a proper lesson. It’s so important to handle free weights and machine weights properly as to not injure yourself.  Again, a session with an experienced staff member or friend to show you how to use weights is recommended. If you need to get your stamina level up, you may want to start with mostly cardio (such as the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike) and then work toward toning and building muscle. 
Stay Hydrated: When you work out and begin sweating you will want to drink water throughout your workout to keep you hydrated. If you don’t stay hydrated and push yourself too hard, you can become dehydrated and that can be very dangerous leading to you not feeling well, like having a headache or muscle aches.  Keep that water bottle handy!
Don’t Be Alarmed If You Gain Weight: If you are on a weight loss plan, don’t be alarmed if you gain weight the first week that you start working out. It is common for you to retain water when you begin a workout regimen because your body is going into shock, it isn’t used to all the activity and wants to hold onto whatever it can, thus you retain water and that will reflect on the scale. Another long-term factor, is building muscle. Even if you are losing weight, you are also creating muscle which weighs more than fat. Keep moving, and pushing forward – and don’t worry so much about the number on the scale, but rather how your body feels. 
Stay Motivated: Most of all, going to the gym and working out can be pretty difficult. There might be times that you want to give up because it is going to be hard, but don’t! Stay motivated and push through that workout, trust me you will feel a whole lot better in the end as you get stronger with each workout. Another thing to remember, try different kinds of workouts until you find something you are passionate about and truly enjoy. We are all unique and different movements and activities feel different to each person. Find something that you have fun doing. 
It is awesome that you want to start working out and get stronger. Just remember to do things the right way, don’t push yourself too hard, and be safe with everything that you are doing. Here’s to having a healthy, happy, and fit life. 
Do you have a helpful tip or two to share? Please leave a comment and let us know what keeps you feeling your best when you workout! 
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  1. These are all such great tips! A friend of mine is trying to start working out for the first time in her life. She just turned 60 this past November so she wants to take it slow. These tips will be perfect for her!

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