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For both of my children during their first year, I took one photo a day. And that’s a conservative number. I loved capturing every little detail on their body, their expressions, and each new milestone. But as they get bigger, wigglier, busier – it’s getting harder to snap them on the go. Let’s just say, I have a lot of action shots these days.

I wanted a recent family photo to use for our Christmas cards as well as to frame and hang up in the living room. One of all four of us,  present day. I connected with Kristy Chapman, a natural light photographer based in Ottawa and booked her for a mini-photoshoot.

This is one talented lady, plus she has a way with the wild ones. Between her photography skills, my husband and I singing, clapping, making silly faces, and being all around incredible parents – she got some beautiful captures of our little lions and the whole family.

Aiden smiling

I can’t believe my first born is 5 years old. I look at his beautiful smile, full of warmth and mischief and it brings me back to when he was just a few months old. He loved his play mat and was so determined when he played on it, reaching and kicking for all the playful items dangling around him. He is a go getter by all accounts, standing and taking his first step at 7 months, walking by 10 months. I love watching him growing and I’m so proud to be his Mama.

Kids with Cell

In this moment, Abigail has gotten a hold of my husband’s phone. She loves technology! Whether it’s a laptop, tablet or phone – she wants to be on it and figure it out. She swipes the screen like a pro and asks “What is that?” to every new icon.

Aiden 2

She is going to be two years old this month. Where does time go, I think to myself often. It was just yesterday that I was overdue and waiting for her arrival. Just days before Christmas she came, as perfect as could be. Her inquisitive eyes and sweet  (sometimes spicy) disposition always gets me. Right now, she loves to say “high fives” and laughs with amusement as everyone lifts up their hands. These moments are too precious for words.

Family Photo Final
Aiden and Mommy

Photographs are of fleeting minutes, a day that is now gone – but the memories they capture in time, which are physical pieces to hold and reflect on, is something I truly value. My memory remembers every second that has passed, but when I look at picture, like these ones, I’m transported to that hour, that place, those tiny hands I held in mine, and all the laughter that was shared.


Photo Credit: Kristy Chapman Photography in Ottawa. Images are copyrighted 2015.

Emily Smith

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  1. What a beautiful family, Emily! I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I can remember when Aiden was younger and Abigail was a wee one, they have grown so much!!

    1. Oh Nala, so nice to read a note from you! It warms my heart 🙂 They have surely grown so much, it’s amazing how time goes and each day is so full with them in it. Thank you for your kind words and for following our journey! How are you doing? I wish you a beautiful holiday season ahead xo

  2. My children range in ages from 11 to 23, 4 to be exact! Today, my hubbie asked me to put his facebook picture to a photo of entire family. Sadly we have non since before our youngest, my goal for 2016 is to take some amazing memorable photos. Great post

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