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Dear Readers,

Every day brings with it new possibility. As we awake each morning, we have the opportunity to connect within ourselves with gratitude, hope, and joy – letting those sentiments lead our way. Choosing happiness doesn’t mean we won’t be faced daily with frustrations, setbacks, fear, or bad news – it just means we can overcome them better if we are in touch with the light within us that has the power to push them back and continue forward.

This year, for me personally, has been a year of choosing joy in spite of failure and hardships. It has been a stretch of time of pursuing what makes me come alive the most, what nurtures me, and ultimately what gives me and my family the most happiness.

Here we are, in the home stretch of 2017 and it feels like I am bursting at the seams with joy. Every resounding yes has brought me where I am today, able to share with you openly and happily the best of this life. 

The best of this life is the small and big things that excite us – the recipe we can’t wait to try, the outfit that has our name on it, the discovery of a gift that’s just perfect for someone we know. It’s anything and everything that makes you smile and glow!  

For me, this is the season of magnificent joy.  When the beauty of the everyday is heightened by flickering lights, decorated trees, and presents waiting to be opened. It’s a time when we gather together to sing carols, eat wonderful food, and share in laughter.

It is with pleasure I created this holiday gift guide to share with you some ideas for this festive season. I love to give gifts of all kind – fun, frivolous, sentimental, edible, thoughtful, exquisite, and even humorous! I hope my roundups inspire you to find the special presents you’re looking to give the loved ones in your life!

From my home to yours, I am sending you warm wishes for a joyful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas! 

With love and gratitude,

Emily xx


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  1. I love your choices! I am a huge Elizabeth Grant and Kiehls fan! Luxurious products with little to no scent too! I wear a lot of Joe Fresh and love to buy Jor for the little ones! You even included the candy cane ice cream! Impressive 🙂

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