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Celebrate the Season With Magic Bag’s New 30th Anniversary Collections

Self-care gift ideas are a classic choice for good reason! We all could use a little more support when it comes to taking care of our physical and mental health. And gifting someone something special that helps them with self-care is such a thoughtful gesture. 

If you are shopping around for self-care items for yourself or others, I suggest Magic Bag. For 30 years, Magic Bag has been creating therapeutic products to help Canadians take care of their body, mind, and well-being. 

Today I’m highlighting some of my favourite Magic Bag products from their 30th Anniversary Collections.

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Aromatherapy Session

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, Magic Bag has launched some wonderful new products. I especially love their Spa Chic line, which is the perfect place to look for something special for yourself or your loved ones. 

When it comes to self-care, one for me and one for them is a necessary principle sometimes. I say, treat yourself! 

Their aromatherapy mask with eucalyptus or lavender essential oils makes relaxing that much easier.

Give the Gift of Comfort and Relaxation

Magic Bag’s flagship product, the Original Magic Bag Hot & Cold Compress, is a perfect go-to gift. Being able to switch from a hot to cold compress allows you to hit a full range of benefits. Cold therapy will help slow blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve muscle spasms, whereas hot therapy is good to increase blood circulation, relax muscles, and relieve pain. 

The “Touch of Comfort” 30th Anniversary Set is a match made in relaxation heaven. Included is one Extended Magic Bag and one beautiful matching mug.

This Collection Is For the Person on Your List Who Loves Camouflage

Do you know someone who loves camouflage? They could be an avid outdoor person or just like wearing the camo look. This is the perfect gift idea for them! The Magic Bag Camouflage limited edition is offered in two sizes, an extended model that fits comfortably around the neck and a pad size that is perfect for backs and shoulders. A great way to recover from a long hike or a day of sports. 

Keep Your Kids Feeling Extra Cozy All Winter Long

Little ones love to snuggle and be cozy, and Magic Bag hasn’t forgotten about them! The therapeutic plush toy, Warmy, comes in several cute animal shapes that will help soothe your kids. It helps with pain relief and offers comfort for children aged three and up. For each Warmy product sold, a percentage of proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish®.

Celebrate with Magic Bag This Holiday Season in a Big Way

For 30 years, Canadian brand Magic Bag has had the mission of relieving pain naturally. Their products are hypoallergenic, natural, reusable, and 100% compostable. Hand-cut, sewn and made with superior products, they have created a versatile line of products to help soothe your body and put your mind at ease. 

Now in celebration of their 30th anniversary, they are partying in a big way with a fantastic giveaway: Magic Bag will be giving away more than $3,000 in free products as part of a contest in honour of its 30th anniversary! Enter here for a chance to win! 

As we also approach the holiday season visit magicbag.com for more gift ideas for friends, family, and yourself too! 

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This piece is presented in partnership with Magic Bag. All opinions are honest and personal.

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