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Give Your Beauty Regimen A Refresh with Masque Bar by Look Beauty

For the past two weeks I’ve been sick. First with the flu, then a stomach bug, then lingering congestion and fatigue. It’s been brutal. One of the ways I’ve been keeping from feeling like a total wreck is by using my new Masque Bar by Look Beauty products. They are SO awesome! When I received a beautiful package in the mail, to give these spa-like treatments a try, I was all too eager to put on my first mask and see if it delivered results. And it did! It was also incredibly relaxing and soothing to apply. 

A little beauty background about myself: I’ve been doing face masks since before my age had two digits. I would definitely consider myself an expert. I’ve tried them all, from homemade to high price range. This new series of masks are the real deal. Masque Bar by Look Beauty brings us the latest in unique beauty ingredients from Korea and offers an effective, affordable and easy-to-use collection of masks targeted at different skincare concerns. 

I’m a fan of a variety of types of masks, so I was pleased to see that their collection offers a full range of sheet, creme and mud masks, catering to different skin types and targeting different issues. The Pore Refining Creme Mask and Brightening Sheet Mask were incredible! They did just what they promised and I loved how they made my skin feel.  (Box of 3 Masks $9.99 CAD). 

Additionally, I had a chance to test the Foaming 02 Bubble Cleanser ($19.99 CAD), which brightens and exfoliates with extract of orange, lemon and tea tree. This cleanser is light-weight, lightly scented, and gently washes away impurities. I have found it to be a great choice for transitioning from dry winter skin to more oily spring skin – it offers effective skin balancing and smoothes away bumps and accumulated dead cells to reveal beautiful, healthy skin. 

These lovely beauty products are budget-friendly and super effective! They are exclusively available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada. 

The Masque Bar by Look Beauty has an extensive collection that draws inspiration from Korean skincare trends. They are known for products that purify, refresh, and nourish your skin. The collection of masks, cleansers and treatments provide a spa-quality experience, right at home. 

The Best of this Life x Masque Bar by Look Beauty Giveaway!

Hey Beauties, I’ve teamed up with Masque Bar to give one lucky reader a gift basket of Masque Bar by Look Beauty products, valued at approximately $50, to enjoy for themselves. Enter for a chance to win in the giveaway* widget below, and good luck! xo

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*This giveaway is open to Canadians who have reached the age of majority. Giveaway ends May 9th, at midnight EST. Good luck! This giveaway is in no way sponsored by Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media. 

This piece is in partnership with Masque Bar by Look Beauty. As always, all opinions are personal. Thank you for supporting my efforts to bring you exciting, new content.

Emily Smith

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  1. I’m not getting any younger so I’m more looking forward to trying the anti aging remedies like the one for the neck ! It’s a dead giveaway if you don’t take care and follow the proper beauty regime !

  2. my skin is aging and dull and I am seeing more wrinkles every day! I would like to try the wrinkle reducing mask !

  3. My skin concerns are large pores and uneven complexion. I really want to try the sleeping mask and the pore refining creme mask

  4. My skin concerns are lack of firmness and wrinkles.. I would like to try the Firming and Lifting Masque and the Wrinkle Reducing Sheet Masque.

  5. My main skin concern right now is enlarged pores and dullness. I’d love to try the PORE REFINING Crème Mask and the Brightening Sheet Mask.

  6. Dark spots and blemishes. I think the ANTI-BLEMISH Mud Mask will do me some good! Thanks for the opportunity!

    These are products that would /could help me out

  8. My skin concerns are acne prone skin as well as scars from past acne breakouts. I would love to try the ANTI-BLEMISH MUD MASK.

  9. I’ve got sensitive skin, and showing the first signs of aging 😉 I look forward to trying the eye repair SPA!

  10. My main concern is blemishes and acne scarring so I’m excited to try the Brightening Sheet Mask and the Eye Repair/EYE PUFFINESS one as well.

  11. Summer is coming up. My skin always breaks out. Need to control the oil production and keep my face clean.

  12. The Wrinkle Reducing Sheet Mask would be perfect to try as I have the beginnings of fine lines and wrinkles.

  13. My skin concerns are lack of firmness and wrinkles.. I’m excited to try the Firming & Lifting Hydro Gel Mask.

  14. I have uneven skin tone , dull and fine lines. Would be wonderful to try the brightening sheet mask and the form and lifting hydro gel mask.

  15. I’m starting to get dark eye circles, I think DARK CIRCLE REDUCER Eyepatches might be the answer.

  16. The Firming and Lifting gel mask stands out for me! I love doing face masks and great skincare…Thankyou.

  17. The would love to try the EXFOLIATING FOOT MASK. I have issues where I have combination skin but, my feet are really rough..

  18. I have dark circles under my eyes, so I would really like to try Dark Circle Reducer and I would also like to try the FIRMING & LIFTING HYDRO GEL MASK.

  19. I am concerned about aging and dull looking skin, and I would love to try the Masque Bar Firming & Lifting Hydro Gel Mask to help me out a little!

  20. I get extremely dry skin. I think our hard water has a lot to do with it. Sheet masks are so soothing, and are one of my favorite beauty treatments. The honey, aloe vera, and all the rest of them look wonderful!


  22. i’m concerned with aging, acne, hyper pigmentation, dehydration, you name it! Excited to try all the yummy looking masks!

  23. My biggest concern is dark spots. I have tried various methods to get rid of them.

    tweeted, not sure if the whole link got pasted.

  24. I would like to try the wrinkle reducing mask , my skin is aging and more and more wrinkles are appearing

  25. My pores drive me nuts ! so big , so of course I would like to try th e pore refining mask the most

  26. My biggest concern is aging and wrinkles which is why I would love to try the WRINKLE REDUCING
    Sheet Mask.

  27. I have a lot of black heads I’d love to get rid of and some pores that i’d love to shrink. I have a lot of scarring from my youth that bother me too. I think I’d like to try the pore refining creme mask and the anti blemish mud mask.

  28. Dry sensitive skin is my biggest concern. I’m excited about the brightening sheet mask.

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