Waiting for Tiny Feet

7 month bump

It won’t be too long before I’ll be able to kiss your tiny little feet.  The ones that kick about in my stomach and make me feel overwhelming gratitude that you are there, that you are safe and that you love to dance already. 

Emily Smith

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    1. Thank you Jess! I like it a lot too…think baby girl might really like it when she grows up. My husband really impressed me with his photo skills on our mini-shoot! Hope all is well with you!

  1. this is one of the most beautiful and meaningful tributes to a new babe that i’ve ever seen! awe, tiny dancer hey?! well, you look more lovely than ever and thanks for warming my heart with the truest kind of love tonight. xo

  2. This is so beautiful! I absolutely LOVE the shoes, too. Where are they from? I’m due with baby #3 in March and have never done a Maternity shoot… maybe I should 🙂

    1. Hi Stephanie! Congratulations on baby #3 – how exciting!! I enlisted my husband to take these photographs. I set the camera settings, and the focus – and basically said; make sure the red dot is on the shoes (or my face), half press the shutter, let it lock focus and shoot. He did really well 🙂 I definitely recommend getting hubby or a friend to take a few pictures of your bump! The shoes were a gift from my sister, but I’m pretty sure she got them from Indigo Chapters. They have a great selection of baby stuff in-store and online. They are by Robeez. Thanks for the visit and I’ll be sure to pop by your blog soon!

      1. Thanks so much for the reply! I’m thinking next time I’m dolled up (who am I kidding, I mean not in yoga pants LOL) that I’ll have hubby snap a few belly-focused shots. I was much more into the “selfies” for my first two pregnancies, but this one I guess the novelty has worn off, so I don’t have many pictures. Thanks for the info about the shoes, too – I’ll definitely have to look for them. It’s so hard to resist all of the adorable girly clothes and shoes 🙂 Love that they are Robeez!

        1. Hahaha, I hear ya there (re: yoga pants). It’s so true, my first is a boy and I combed stores looking for adorable things – with girls, it’s like you can’t get away from it, the sweet clothes & accessories are everywhere!

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