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A Mother’s Day Gift Guide as Unique as Her

“I don’t really need anything.”

That’s typically my answer if asked what I would like for Mother’s Day.

“I’m fine, really. Let’s just do something small. My gift will be being surrounded by the people I love.”

And I mean it.

She means it. When the moms in your life say they are content by not making a big deal of Mother’s Day, they mean it. After all, moms are pretty good at not making a fuss over themselves. They’re known for putting everyone at the top of the list, taking care of their children wholeheartedly, and being content with the small tokens of appreciation. 

Here’s the thing, sometimes it’s hard for us to admit we would love something special to celebrate our role as mothers. It makes us feel selfish. Yet, if I could, I would give my mom the world. I would give her everything she ever dreamed of because she is the most amazing woman. She’s my superhero, my mentor, my inspiration, my sounding board, my bestie, and all around phenomenal parent. 

Moms are incredible. They deserve to be celebrated and given a gift on Mother’s Day that’s just as unique as they are! Whether it’s a tin of her favourite tea or a beautiful pair of earrings that are “so her” – I’m sharing with you some unique and wonderful Mother’s Day gift ideas from the One of a Kind Online Shop to inspire you to surprise her this year with a present that she’ll love and appreciate so very much! 

9 Mother’s Day Gifts As Unique As She Is
  1. “Cheer” Coin Purse Pouch by UPPDOO inc.: her purse is usually already overflowing with everything under the sun, why not give her a cheerful and bright spot to keep loose change, cards, and her favourite lipstick. The matching tassel is the perfect touch!
  2. Floral Spa Box by Present Day Gifts: for the busy mom who is always on-the-go, this pampering kit is pure relaxation! Book a night off for her to enjoy some much needed R&R. 
  3. Rose Gold Initial Charm Necklace by Muizee: she’ll love this thoughtful and beautiful gift featuring her beloved children’s initials.
  4. Garden Flowers Tea Towel by Senay Design Studio: for the mom who believes the kitchen is the heart of the home, she’ll love this tea towel that is truly a work of art.
  5. Rain Aquamarine Trio Earrings by Pamela Lauz Jewellery: these delicate earrings are just as dazzling as she is. 
  6. Magenta Medium Case by Pepper B. Design: she likes to keep things neat and tidy, and with this gorgeous case she’ll find a pretty new home for something that needs it!  
  7. Bamboo Jammers by This is J: breakfast in bed with lovely new luxury pajamas are definitely on her wishlist. This super-soft short sleeve set is ideal for springtime.  
  8. Dessert Plate by Atelier Make: for the mom who loves to bake, this stunning dessert platter will be cherished forever. 
  9. Gourmet Black Tea by Tealish Fine Teas: if she adores a good book and a perfect cup of tea, then look no further than this delicious gourmet tea.

This Mother’s Day, when she says she doesn’t really need anything, don’t listen! Celebrate who she is, the difference she makes, and the impact she has on everyone around her. Blow up balloons, hand-make a card, serve breakfast in bed – and surprise her with a thoughtful and unique gift she’ll treasure.

This piece is in collaboration with One of a Kind Online Shop. As always, all opinions are personal. 

Emily Smith

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  1. I could really use a new pair of slippers, so hoping for that on Mother’s Day. I would enjoy the Chai Darling tea though.

  2. I really like the Rose Gold Initial Charm Necklace. The ability to personalize adds a really nice touch to a Mother’s Day gift.

  3. I would love the Rose Gold Initial Charm Necklace by Muizee. A beautiful and thoughtful gift.

  4. I’d love to get the Aquamarine earrings or the Bamboo Jammers pj ‘s for Mothers Day!

  5. i love the rain aquamarine trio earings. it my 4th mothers day being a mom. first being a mom of 2

  6. I would love to get an umbrella. I could use one for work! The Floral Spa Box caught my eye!

  7. Love those aquamarine earrings!
    Anything would be nice to get. We rarely buy presents for each other so it would be a nice surprise. Thanks for the opportunity to #win

  8. The Garden Towel is beautiful. What I would really like for Mother’s Day is to be taken out for breakfast by my boys and hubby.

  9. I’m just hoping for a nice and lovely day and to spend some quality time with my mother and my girls!!

  10. I love the dessert plate or the spa box. Both make great gifts! Plan to spoil my mom to a spa day with a nice lunch.

  11. This Mother’s Day, I am hoping for a nice candle. I also love the Rose Gold Initial Charm Necklace you mentioned!

  12. I haven’t given it much thought this year but I really like the Rose Gold Initial Charm Necklace you posted

  13. I am hoping for a designer purse I have been wishing for and I also like the Rose Gold Initial Charm Necklace.

  14. The rose gold necklace is real nice – I would like to get that for mom or see other items on OOAK website

  15. Honestly, I love a new mug! I smashed my favourite one this morning. I really like the idea of the The Floral Spa Box too.

  16. I would like some new tea (the tealish sounds great, never tried this brand)
    and I would like some ecofriendly products for the kitchen.

  17. I have been hinting for a new watch for Mother’s Day, but I really like that Floral Spa Box too.

  18. For Mother’s Day I’d love something new for the kitchen, so the Garden Flowers Tea Towel you listed would be just the ticket!

  19. I love the Floral Spa Box by Present Day Gifts — I’ve looked at their thoughtfully curated boxes several times and would love one for Mother’s Day! I’d also love some time to browse at the bookstore with a tea and lots of hugs and kisses from my kiddos.

  20. Ths Mother’s Day, I am wishing for some extra sleep! I definitely like the Floral Spa Box by Present Day Gifts, it looks lovely!

  21. So many awesome items. I really love the spa box and also the dessert plate. What a pretty design. I have been wanting a signature necklace for a while! xo

  22. I love the rose gold initial charm necklace. So pretty and love that it incorporates my family into a special gift!

  23. Wow! I love everything that you found but if I have to choose one think I would choose the earrings.

  24. This Mother’s Day, I am wishing my Mom stays healthy and happy! 🙂 Love your gift idea list, especially the dessert plate….since I love sweets! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  25. I like the Floral Spa Box by Present Day Gifts from your post. I really need slippers though. 🙂

  26. I would love a handmade card from my little boy…jewelry is nice too, though!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  27. For Mothers’ Day, I bought myself a couple baskets that I love. The Garden Flower Tea Towel shown here is beautiful!

  28. I want to have some quite time to build some Legos (by myself) on Mother’s Day. I really love the Rain Aquamarine Trio Earrings by Pamela Lauz Jewellery in your post

  29. The Rose Gold Initial Charm Necklace by Muizee is just perfect! I have added it to my wishlist! ♥

  30. All I’m hoping for is a little chocolate! I think the Floral Spa Box would be a wonderful treat too though.

  31. I like the Dessert Plate by Atelier Make from your list. I am hoping to go on a little trip to the greenhouse for Mother’s Day!

  32. I’m wishing for the elusive dish washing fairy. I absolutely love the Floral Spa Box in your round up.

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