My son turns four and what that means to me.

On Friday we celebrated Little A’s 4th birthday. Four years old. The weight of those words presses against my heart as I type them. He will always be my baby. How did we go from the twos to the fours? As he became more independent this past year, it felt like time went a little quicker. There were fewer hours of rocking, stroller rides, consoling, and reaching for Mama. There was looking out into the world, eyes wide open, arms outstretched and adventures to be had beyond the nursery.

I look back at these four years past and not a single day is missed. I can close my eyes and scan my memory for a particular moment and there it is – vibrant, Technicolor, life-lived and breathed. Those moments are the fabric of who I am today. I swear, I’ll be eighty and thinking the same thing; always wanting my babies to move forward, always wanting them to stay within the confines of my loving arms.

As Aiden turns four, he is bright, clever, and full of endless energy and zeal. He bucks the rules and pushes barriers, and reminds me of myself. He is discerning, thoughtful and kind. He loves his sister and loves to make her laugh by means of his wild antics. He loves to play-fight with daddy. He is not a smooshing kind of kid, but when you least expect it he’ll curl right up to you and make your heart melt.  

I am honored to be his parent. I am blessed to share each day with him. I look back with such a full heart at all the days we have already spent together. I cherish the small and big that we have done up to this very minute and look forward to all that is to come.

Four years ago, my sweet Aiden, you made me a Mama – and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Happy Birthday xo

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  1. Oh my goodness he’s so cute!! My daughter will turn 4 in May next year and each day that passes I’m trying to turn back time and I just can’t. I guess all we can do is cherish the seconds we have with them at the age they are and enjoy each milestone 🙂

  2. “always wanting my babies to move forward, always wanting them to stay within the confines of my loving arms.”

    You got it … a wise 70-something at my church once told my parenting class … “As bittersweet as it is, your job is to raise them to be ultimately independent of you.”

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