Nuna PEPP Stroller Review

Abigail is 15 months old and full of beans! She wiggles, squirms, and climbs just about anything. A sturdy, comfortable stroller is a must for this girl – especially one that works well for city travel. We love to hop on the bus and head downtown for the day (especially as the weather warms up) and a compact stroller that offers a ton of great features is pretty much ideal.

Today we’re discussing the PEPP, a lightweight stroller from Nuna.

Let’s chat about the Nuna PEPP lightweight stroller

First off, the stroller is easy to lift and manoeuvre. It rolls so smoothly, I was in awe! My first thoughts were – this stroller is ideal for malls, buses, subways, airports, and travelling. It’s compact, but not flimsy. Abigail has long legs for a baby, so I’m always looking to see if they dangle over the edge of smaller strollers; as you can see she has lots of room to stretch out and you can also lift up a foot rest for even more comfort.

The Nuna Pepp comes with a five point harness that can shift to a three-point. My only gripe is that if you want to keep it in a five point, the latches still unhook every time (for the option of three-point). It’s kind of like doing a quick puzzle each time. You get used to it, but that’s the only thing I would change on this model. To make up for it, I really like the extra shoulder padding to make straps sit nicely on your child’s shoulders.

I love the high seat, so your child has a nice view and is much higher up from the ground. I also like the handle bar – it’s nice to grip and easy to push the stroller. The sun vizor goes just enough over to protect from direct sun-light and can recline all the way back with ease.

Features of the Nuna Pepp
  • a chic, unique ride from the moment baby enters the world through toddler hood
  • folds down to a flat backpack size for boots, taxis, bikes and entryways
  • opens easily with just one hand
  • plush, cushy, better for baby certified Oeko-Tex® fabric
  • three or five point anti-loop harness, featuring quick click release button provides ultimate safety and peace of mind
  • one-touch braking system is so easy
  • new higher seat gives baby a great lookout
  • three-position full recline cradles baby
  • progressive suspension technology gives a nice, easy ride
  • height-adjusting handle for drivers small and tall
  • The Canadian MSRP for the stroller is $359

WATCH the product demo video for PEPP here

The quality that I’ve come to expect from Nuna is very apparent in the PEPP stroller. The materials are sturdy and well crafted. The zippers, snaps, and buckles are secure, high-quality pieces that function excellently. Not only is the stroller superiorly built, it is elegant with a flawless design – it looks good rolling, that’s what I’m saying!

I’ll tell you what, I wasn’t the only one that liked cruising. Although we snapped our product photos inside, because of the unseasonably cold weather – when we have been braving the cold, Miss Abigail is as comfortable as can be in her smooth ride.

PEPP is a small wonder

The smaller your bundle of joy, the more stuff you need to carry around. (It is a rule they never tell you.) Thank goodness the PEPP buggy is cleverly designed to think of everything, from an ultra-compact fold-in-half design to the ability to get around town with one hand (which is how you will be operating most days) to a fully flat recline for on-the-go snoozes.

Funny how the littlest things can mean so much.

The PEPP stroller is currently available in Canada at Canada’s Baby Store: PEPP Stroller  

Canada’s Baby Store has a promotion until the end of March to celebrate the launch of the PEPP Stroller! If you purchase a PEPP, you will receive 15% off your entire order. The discount code is: PEPP15

If you have any further questions about the new Nuna Pepp, please don’t hesitate to ask – I’ll be happy to answer.

Happy stroller shopping!


Visit Nuna Canada’s website | facebook page

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The Best of this Life received the Nuna Pepp for review and to photograph for the purpose of this article. Opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting our effort to bring you new and exciting content.


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