Nuna Zaaz High Chair Review

Style and functionality are two golden factors when deciding on practically anything. For example, the perfect shoe is both stunning and comfortable (hello, Nine West!). And my dream living room is decorated with fashionable furniture and a ton of concealed storage for all the random things that a household collects; I’m still working on this goal, wicker basket by wicker basket.

So where does a baby’s high chair fit into all this? Convenience, comfort, and practicality are a must to make feeding time easier and my baby girl happy, but should that mean skipping out on style? Main non, absolutely not! As much as I love bright colours and children’s storybook characters, they need not be front and center at our dining room table…I think the spotlight is much better reserved for our sweet girl (and the flying sweet potatoes!). Queue the Nuna ZAAZ; elegant, sleek, and oh so clever. Not only is it designer chic, it’s unbelievably functional. You have to watch the video to get the full intake of what this baby…er, chair – can do!

Key Features:
  • Customize the ZAAZ to any size or height.
  • Five-point harness keeps baby secure, switch to three-point as baby grows bigger.
  • Made of high quality materials and is bpa, pvc, and dehp free.
  • Designer feel, practical use.

Abigail has been testing driving her ZAAZ for a full month. It’s seen happy baby, fussy baby, messy baby, wiggle baby…and everything in between. It’s stood the test of food everywhere and thanks to the removable components (dishwasher safe by the way) – cleanup is a breeze.

We also love that we can remove the tray and pull Abby right up to the table. She enjoys being closer and engaging with us during mealtime. The adjustable height is wonderful, because we could find the right height for the table – and also if one of us wants to feed her from a stationary chair, we can lower her to our level.

The ZAAZ is available in Canada in the gorgeous almond colour, pewter, and plum, with white and silver accents. It works well in any home décor and blends. I couldn’t be happier with its overall look and how user friendly it is. Did I mention that it’s the chair that keeps on giving? With a few alterations at each step along your child’s growth, it becomes useful once again (up to 220 lbs). Now that’s cool – and green!

A little background; the engineers at Nuna before designing the ZAAZ high chair, began by asking one simple question: how do we give baby a spot at the table? The result was this lovely chair that tucks under the table just like the rest of the family’s and let’s baby be a part of mealtimes. Hats off to you engineers, we approve!




In partnership with Nuna.

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  1. Style and practicality important to me. This high chair is not only fashionable but very functional and can be used for years to come.

  2. More so practicality. I have a very small space and need something compact (which I don’t currently have!). Love that it transforms so it’s not a ‘1 and done’ item like so many are.

  3. We have not chosen our high chair just yet but style and function is very important to me because your chair stays in you home for several years.

  4. Style and practicality are important to me. I like to have things I think look nice and are in fashion, but truly practicality is more important, which this highchair fits perfectly.

  5. The style is important as to how comfortable my grandchild would be. Practicality is so important to me and my grandchild. Not only those this high chair style seem comfortable but it is very practical.

  6. Practicality is the most important to me, followed by price, followed by style (although I definitely don’t want ugly things in my home, it also doesn’t have to be the most stylish if it is really practical!).

  7. Yes, both are super important to me! Especially when you have to stare at a large object in the middle of your kitchen for a couple of years lol

  8. Style and practicality is important to me but not only does this highchair have that it is also has quality which is also important. Ideal gift for me to give to my grandchildren. My son will need this for his little one because him and his partner recently had twins.

  9. both are important to me….it has to be practical as baby products are best when they can grow with the child however I can’t handle having an obnoxious high chair at my dining room table 🙂

  10. style is wonderful, but practicality is very important! this would be great for when I have my nieces and nephews over!

  11. Style isn’t so important to me but I like a small footprint. Practicality and ease of use is important to me though.

  12. Style and practicality are important to me, especially with kid gear. I don’t want someone to walk in my house and automatically think that a kid lives here. I love kid furniture that has style and is in stylish colours.

  13. Practicality is very important and style is also somewhat important brecause these factors would definitely influence me to some extent on why I would purchase a chair like this.Safety would be the other factor that I would look into.

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