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What Are Some of the Positive Benefits of Keeping a Journal?

You might have thought in the past that journaling is a childish notion or an additional task to add to your already busy life.

In reality, keeping a journal is an activity that releases stress, helps you organize your thoughts and clears away clutter from your mind.

I remember when I was young and I would come home upset from a bad day at school – my mom would hear me out and then she would recommend that I write my feelings and recollection of the day in my diary.

Sometimes I did and sometimes I didn’t – however looking back, I can say without a doubt the times I wrote out my feelings and strong opinions on paper, allowed me to let go of them and face a new day.

The same goes when I have swirling thoughts for a project ahead of me. The best thing I can do for myself is write out those thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc. As I do, I begin to formulate my thoughts, develop those worth developing, and scrap any hindering emotions.   

Let’s Go Over Five Key Benefits to Writing in a Journal:

1. Writing in a Journal Helps You Let Go of Emotions and Reduce Stress

Whether you’ve just had a fresh fight with someone or you’ve bottled up feelings for years, writing about your feelings can help you to release them. Releasing them may help you heal, move on, or get a better grasp on a situation. It also helps you to feel less like a pressure cooker! 

2. Journaling Is a Fun Way to Document Your Life

You should read the things I wrote when I was in the 4th grade. Some entries are just so sweet and precious; others are downright hilarious. For myself, looking back on what I’ve journaled in the past reminds me of things I’ve overcome, experiences I’ve cherished and events that were of great significance to me. 

3. Writing Out Your Thoughts Can Bring You Clarity

It doesn’t matter what subject of life it is,  if you are feeling all over the place schedule a limited amount of time to write. For example, 10 minutes to just blurt out on paper, all random and not so random thoughts on the topic. I’ve done this exercise a few times and find it quite helpful. 

4. You Can Discover More About Yourself

Nope, I’m not a psychologist, but my mom is a counsellor and life coach, so the topic of self-discovery is not foreign to me. Knowing who you are through and through really helps you make decisions in life, clearly and confidently.

Journaling can help you find out more about yourself than you think. As you write, things unravel that you didn’t necessarily know were in you – dreams, emotions, opinions, etc. Having an outlet to discover more of who you are is awesome.  

5. You May Find the Resolution You’re Looking For

You might be going back and forth on a decision that you need to make or perhaps you’ve had a disagreement with someone and there hasn’t been any resolution. Instead of keeping it inside and letting it swirl around, write about it.

Write out both sides, write out pros and cons, write out your point of view. It may not be where the issue ends, but it will probably lead you to resolving it instead of being anxious over it.

I hope these key five points about the benefits of keeping a journal encourage you to begin or continue your journaling journey!


Emily Smith

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