Celebrating the Holidays with Purdys Christmas Chocolates

Oh, chocolate! All the busyness of life just pauses when I have a piece of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. I don’t think it’s reaching to say that a great piece of chocolate can stop the world just for a moment.

If I have to give an award to the tastiest treat – I would more than likely choose chocolate. Like, really, really good chocolate, you know the difference! And one of my favourite like, really, really good chocolatiers is Purdys.

Purdys offers exotic to classic flavours, a wonderful assortment of confectionaries, and gorgeously packaged products! They’re an all-around amazing shop for everything festive and sweet. 

With more than a 100 years experience and using 100% sustainable cocoa, I love how this Canadian brand does business, and I especially love how they celebrate the holidays! Their advent calendars have become a fun family tradition in our home. 

Their chocolate bars and gift baskets make wonderful presents, and we love to gift them to family, friends and our children’s teachers and school admin staff. Purdys’ confectionaries are also perfect as stocking-stuffers, and their chocolate bars are the right touch of extra to leave out for Santa with those milk and cookies.

Most importantly though, is the taste, and Purdys’ doesn’t let you down. I just love all of their Christmas flavours. Yum!

Their Gingerbread chocolate combines milk chocolate with cinnamon, molasses, cloves, allspice, and ginger creating that sweet and spicy taste that will warm you up nicely. Their Mandarin chocolate combines dark chocolate ganache with an orange puree from Silician mandarin oranges creating a lovely-zesty sweet. Their Eggnog Truffle is another delicious addition that is wonderful in a stocking or on a dessert plate for a holiday party.

My husband’s favourite is the Peppermint Ice Bar, which is the best blend between white chocolate and peppermint bits  – but he hasn’t tried the Cranberry Pistachio Bar yet, and I think he would flip!

Personally, classics like the Hedgehog with their hazelnut gianduja filling are simply heavenly to me; I certainly don’t mind finding some of those in my stocking!

From the taste of their Christmas chocolates to year-long classics, Purdys is a wonderful choice for finding treats to gift and share together this Christmas season. They’ve been part of my holiday celebrations for years now and as we turn the page on the calendar to December tomorrow, I’m looking forward to indulging and celebrating with them again all throughout this joyous season!

Are you a fan of Purdys chocolate? What are your favourites and which ones do you want to try over the holidays? 


Thank you Purdys for gifting my family a delightful assortment of Christmas chocolates. All opinions are honest and personal. 

Emily Smith

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