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Redecorate Your Dining Room For Fall On A Budget

If you’re like me, then switching your home decor from spring/summer to fall/winter is just something that happens around this time of year. Although I love my beachy prints, watering can, and silk hydrangeas – they will be stored until next March.

The fun part about changing design elements around the home for the seasons, is that you get to play with your space which brings out creativity and the interior designer within.

Because we spend a great deal of time in our dining room it’s no wonder it’s one of the places I like to play around with the most. For our family, the dining room is the hub of our home where eating, crafting, baking, homework, catching up, and coffee dates all take place.

Now just because I like to freshen things up for the season and try new trends, doesn’t mean I’m willing to break the bank over it. Adding accent pieces that will modernize your space doesn’t have to be costly and the reward is much greater than the cost. Especially when you visit Giant Tiger this fall.

Giant Tiger has key pieces in their home decor section that you can purchase to make your home more beautiful and stylish. If you take a moment to flip through any recent home magazine, you will see that the woodland theme is hot this year. That means elements from nature including wood, wicker, wax, and Canadian fauna.  To complement those elements, trend colours are deep plums, mustards, unobtrusive neutrals, classic shades of red, and natural greens, like dried herb. The take away from this spectrum of colours is to pick one bold shade and two calm ones that will work complimentarily in your space. I chose red, green, and neutral creams/whites.

Keeping these trendy home decor inspirations in mind, I went shopping at Giant Tiger for pieces that I would use to update our dining room for fall. I wanted to create a small wall gallery over our buffet table, so wall art was on my list. I also needed a sheer panel for our dinning room curtains, as the present wall dressing didn’t have any and a sheer would add some privacy as well as softened natural light.

To be honest, I wasn’t too sure about the rest so I went with an opened mind, confident I would find what I could use to create the look I wanted. To help guide me, I imagined a Thanksgiving Decor – which would be applicable to so many of our fall dinners ahead.

The first thing I noticed about the home decor section at Giant Tiger is the range of texture – faux fur, flannel, glass, ceramic, wicker. There are a lot of accents to choose from. I went straight for the candles and baskets, two of my favourite commodities.  I picked out flameless candles (great if you have kids!) made from real wax. They look like the real deal! I found a great dark wicker rectangle basket that was perfect for my buffet table and can be used for storing napkins, displaying cookbooks, or adding fresh greenery, as shown.

I found these simple ecru dishes that I couldn’t resist, because they go with everything and work as a blank canvas when setting a table. I also scored a vintage-looking clock with roman numerals for ten bucks that I thought would work well with the woodland decor since it had a rustic design.

Giant Tiger also sent me some of their new fall home decor to preview before it launched in stores. This included a neutral throw and pillow, white and black frames, a black ceramic deer head, a birch tree print and a buffalo plaid flannel sheet set. I wonder if they ever thought that I would use that sheet set as a tablecloth? Of course, when the weather gets colder, they will be the most glorious bed sheets – but for the purpose of design drama, I used the flat sheets as the backdrop to build upon. Against the beautiful red, all the other accessories popped.

I love the whole look!

With the addition of green sprigs from my garden and birch paper, everything tied together and soon it began to feel like the coziness of fall had settled into our dining room setting a warm and welcome tone for the fall.

Available at Giant Tiger:

Wall clock $10 | Flamless Candles 2-pack $10 | 54″x 84″ Sheer Window Panel $7 | 48″ – 84″ Curtain Rod $12 | Wicker Basket (technically a CD case) $7 | Ecru Side Bowl (as shown with apples) $1.25 | Ecru Diner Plate $1.25 | Ecru Side Plate $1.25 | Frames $3 | Decorative Cushion $12 | Decorative Throw $10 | Ceramic Deer Head $15 | Buffalo Plaid Queen Flannel Sheet Set $40 (shown as tablecloth and runner above) | Birch Tree Art Canvas $8


Cutlery and mason jar glasses are my own, however Giant Tiger does sell flatware and mason jars for canning that can easily be used as drinking glasses. Greenery from my backyard. Light fixture from Home Depot. Vintage chairs painted white. Vintage teak buffet. Faux teak dining room table from Ikea. 


Which fall piece shown here are you excited to add to your fall home decor?


Visit gianttiger.ca to see the latest flyer featuring Giant Tiger’s Home Sweet Home Event. Follow on instagram, facebook and twitter to stay in the loop of sales, trends, and giveaways!


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  1. I absolutely love everything about this room! Especially the ceramic deer head and flannel throw. These would look perfect in our home. Thank you for the inspiration.

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