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Rich Coffee Ice Cream Made With Coconut Milk

Dairy Free Coffee Ice Cream Homemade with Lavazza Perfetto Coffee

Ice cream is my weakness. It’s the dessert that can’t go unnoticed, even if it’s hidden in the freezer. Because of this overwhelming affinity for ice cream, it’s best that I leave ice cream at the store where it will be safe. When I do happen indulge in one of my favourite treats, it’s usually in an ice cream shop or from a pint that my hubby picks up. I especially love a dairy-free chocolate ice cream variety that is made with coconut milk. The blend of chocolate and coconut milk is so rich and creamy.

I’ve been wanting to get an ice cream maker for some time now, but the truth is I’m scared to take the plunge. I fear that I will be making delicious ice cream ALL the time! This recipe is a modified version of the coconut vegan ice cream recipe I found over at thekitchn.com. If you have an ice cream maker, it will be easy. If you don’t, you’ll have to put in a little extra time and effort, but I think it’s all worth it.

Homemade Dairy Free Coffee Ice Cream Homemade with Lavazza Perfetto Coffee

To make this rich and dreamy coffee ice cream, you need an equally rich and dark coffee roast, like Perfetto from Lavazza. Made from 100% carefully selected Arabica beans from Central and South America, Perfetto is bold with lingering caramel notes. It is roasted a bit longer to produce a “perfect” and characteristically Italian dark flavour profile. The Perfetto Lavazza coffee is so strong and delicious, I knew it would be wonderful in this homemade ice cream.

Vegan Coffee Ice Cream Homemade with Lavazza Perfetto Coffee

Making the ice cream is relatively simple. All that is required is the finest ingredients: full-fat coconut milk, strongly brewed coffee, a sweetener of your choice (I used turbinado brown sugar, which gave the ice cream a richer caramel colour), and pure vanilla extract. Oh, and a little starch to thicken the ice cream. You can use either cornstarch or arrowroot starch. I used the later, because I had it on hand and it worked great.

Coffee Ice Cream Homemade with Lavazza Perfetto Coffee

While I heated all of the ingredients on the stove top, I enjoyed a cup of Perfetto coffee. I brewed it very dark and strong for the ice cream and it was delightful. I worked on making the ice cream early in the morning, when it was still cool in our home and the summer heat hadn’t taken over. Essentially, the plan was to have the ice cream ready by the hot afternoon, when everyone would be ready for a refreshing treat.


Rich Coffee Ice Cream Made With Coconut Milk 

Original recipe from thekitchen.com

Makes 1 quart

2 (13- to 14-ounce) cans full-fat coconut milk
3/4 cup turbinado sugar 
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 Tablespoon arrowroot starch
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
3/4 strongly brewed coffee ( I used Perfetto from Lavazza)


At least 24 hours before making the ice cream, freeze your ice cream machine. If you are making without an ice cream machine follow step 11.

  1. Measure 1/2 cup of coconut milk and set aside. In a medium bowl, combine the rest of the coconut milk.
  2. Whisk until smooth and blended.
  3. Pour into a 2-quart sauce pan and add the sugar and salt.
  4. On medium-low heat, stir the coconut milk for 2 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved.
  5. Measure the starch and add it to the reserved 1/2 cup coconut milk. Whisk thoroughly until the starch is totally dissolved.
  6. Add the extra coconut milk to the pan and stir.
  7. Add in the brewed coffee and stir.
  8. Increase the heat to medium. Stirring occasionally, continue cooking the base until it has thickened enough to coat the back of a spoon, 6 to 8 minutes. Do not allow the base come to a boil.
  9. Remove the mix from the stovetop and stir in the vanilla.
  10. Pour the base into a shallow container. Let the base cool slightly on the counter so it’s not hot when you put it in the fridge. Before refrigerating, press a piece of plastic wrap against the surface.
  11. Cover the container and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. If you are not using an ice cream machine, check after 2 hours and stir it up, breaking up the air in the mix. Then cover it and place in the freezer for 3-4 hours, stirring it every 30 minutes to keep breaking up the air. Always keep it covered. You will be able to tell when it’s ready to serve. Mine was done after 3 hours of freezing. It was still creamy and not overly frozen. If you do freeze until fully solid, then you should let it sit in the fridge for 10 minutes to defrost, stir and then serve. It has a soft-serve consistency and should be served right away as coconut milk melts quicker than regular milk.
  12. If you are using an ice cream machine: Remove the mix from the fridge after 4 hours. It should be completely chilled and slightly pudding-like in texture. Pour the mix into your ice cream machine and begin churning.
  13. Churn the ice cream until it thickens considerably and is roughly the consistency of soft-serve ice cream. Depending on your machine, this could take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes — keep an eye on it! 
  14. Scrape the ice cream into your freezer container. Press a piece of parchment or wax paper against the surface to prevent ice crystals from forming.
  15. Transfer the container of ice cream to the freezer and freeze for at least 4 hours to harden the ice cream.
  16. If your ice cream is too hard to scoop, let it warm a few minutes on the counter before scooping. 
  17. Serve and enjoy!

I served this ice cream in coffee cups, because it seemed apropos! The bold coffee flavour really complements the coconut milk and it doesn’t taste too much like coconut, but rather a nice, sweet blend of the two. What a perfect summer treat! 


This post is brought to you in partnership with Lavazza. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. Oh, you are killing me with this one. Our AC broke and it’s hot here today. If I start now I can have ice cream tomorrow!
    It sounds delicious!

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