Simple Tips for Hosting This Mother’s Day

Are you hosting this Mother’s Day? Because I’ve got some Mother’s Day party tips! Maybe you’re throwing a party for all the moms in your life or keeping it low key with just your family.

If it’s the latter of the two, your significant other and/or your children will probably be getting things ready for your special day, but you can always drop some hints. For example, the kind of drinks or sweets you’re dreaming of,hehe.

However big or small your gathering might be, here are some simple, last-minute ideas and tips for hosting this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Tips

5 Helpful Tips To Host A Mother’s Day Celebration

1 // Prep the night before. If you’re hosting a brunch, why not set the table the evening before. You can layout the tablecloth, place settings and decor so it’s already prepared. Then in the morning if you’re being spoiled with coffee and presents in bed you don’t have to think about everything you need to get done before guests arrive.

2 // Opt for low key. Whether it’s the menu or the decorations, think simple. You can even incorporate pretty paper plates to make clean up easier (try and find ones that are recyclable or biodegradable). I like to use faux flowers or subtle scented blooms as to not overpower the food or bother guests with sensitivities. Just one or two vases add softness and colour to the decor. Table confetti is also an easy way to jazz things up and when you’re done with it, pass it on to your kids. They’re sure to find a creative way to use it in a craft.

Mother's Day Party Tips

Add A Pop Of Colour

3 // Choose a colour palette. When it comes to decorations try picking two complementary colours as the focus. To tie them in use neutrals like white, grey, or linen. A springy green and peach are a pretty combo to consider. Or perhaps lavender and teal! Just a few pieces in your theme colours, like napkins, a runner, hanging lanterns, or flowers is enough to set the scene.

4 // Make easy desserts. Even though my husband and kids are insisting on doing everything for our intimate Mother’s Day celebration, I like to prepare a few treats to add to the party. My mom is also joining us and I like to contribute something too! It’s actually really hard for me to sit on my hands and not help out, haha. I like to make a few easy desserts I can prepare in advance that my hubby and kiddos can set out. And sometimes we make them together and simple recipes are great for their age. I highly recommend these 3-Ingredient Coconut Macaroons. They’re easy-peasy to make and absolutely scrumptious! Other favourites include: mocha cupcakes, trail mix cookies, andchocolate cornflake clusters.

Mother's Day Party Tips and recipes

5 // Keep the menu simple. Use your tried and true recipes. The no-fail ones that everyone loves! Maybe it’s your famous buttermilk pancakes, or family favourite roasted chicken. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner, think simple. Choosing options you can prepare the day before takes the pressure off the actual day, when you should be celebrating, not running around the kitchen. Some foods you can prepare in advance that are perfect are: tea sandwiches, salads (three bean salad, potato salad, pasta salad, broccoli salad), french toast casserole, frittata (you can even serve that cold or reheat just before serving), scones, or deviled eggs.

P.S. Enjoy Yourself

The important thing, when hosting, is to remember to have fun! Preparing in advance, adding a few special touches, and keeping it light will help set the tone for a joyful and stress-free ambiance. Enjoy coming together and celebrating motherhood!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Emily Smith

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