9 Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an all out affair. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day in simple ways that make you happy. Whether you celebrate alone, with friends, with your significant other, with your kids, or with your pet. It’s a great excuse for a little extra love.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I usually do something simple and fun. Before I got married, I might have baked some chocolate cupcakes or gone to see a movie with a friend.

On my first Valentine’s Day with my husband, he surprised me with lots of lovely presents and chocolates. I was pregnant at the time, and horribly nauseous, so the beautiful box of Godiva ended up in our pantry for the next 3 months, until I had a craving for it, haha. But the spa gifts were used up right away!

Since having kids, my husband and I still do something special, but we also celebrate with our children. Usually we have a little fam-jam when they come home from school.

There are lots of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day but here are just a few simple ways to celebrate with a touch of extra love for yourself and the people who matter most.

Low-Key Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. Hang with a friend. While February 13th is officially Galentine’s Day, there’s no rule against hanging with your friends on Valentine’s Day. Grab a coffee, go out for dinner, or head to the movie theatre for a fun night out.
  2. Show someone you care. Everyone likes it when someone shows them how much they care for them. Whether it’s going the extra mile for a co-worker or calling a relative to say hi, there’s no time like the present to show someone how much they mean to you.
  3. Eat chocolate. Did I really need to put this on my list? Hahaha. Any excuse to eat chocolate, am I right!
  4. Make a self-care box. You can do this for yourself or surprise your mom, sister, or BFF. A box filled with self-care items is such a nice treat.
  5. Spoil your pet. Extra cuddles? Extra treats? A new toy? You know your pet will spoil you right back with lots of love.
  6. Bake a cake. Or cupcakes. Or cookies! Holidays are the perfect time to bake and traditional Valentine’s Day colours make for very pretty desserts.
  7. Splurge on perfume. Splurge on anything, really. January is often a no-spend month around here. So by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, a little splurge is in order. Then again, my splurges aren’t very splurge-y. More like something cute or pretty I’ve been eyeing that’s reasonably priced.
  8. Buy pretty flowers. You may not be into flowers, so maybe a plant instead? Or potted herbs? I like flowers, and I especially like receiving them. I take extra care of them and can usually make them last a long time. If you’re like me, pick up your favourite flowers for Valentine’s Day.
  9. Write a love letter. I honestly think a love letter might be the best gift to give and to receive. It’s so intimate and special. So much thought and heart goes into one. Whether you write one to your significant other or to yourself (or both!), a love letter is a memorable way to say I love you.

While traditionally romantic ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day are wonderful in of themselves, keeping it simple can be just as special and thoughtful.

And though I believe you can and should show people how much you love them every day and any day, a designated day with a little extra pink in honour of love isn’t something I’d shake a stick at.

How ever you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, I hope you have a lovely one.

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