Snacktime :: Sliced Apples with Nutmeg

It’s that time of day when I start craving a snack.  You too?  Lunch is long gone and dinner isn’t for another few hours, however we’ve just got in from the cold and my tummy is rumbling.  For healthy snacks, you’ve got to be creative. Let’s face it, I’d much rather hot cookies out of the oven! But since chocolate chip cookies aren’t for everyday, here’s a way to turn an apple into a treat.   
Slice the apple horizontally, picking out the seeds afterwards and leaving you with tiny little center stars. Sprinkle with fresh nutmeg and if desirable – top with a bit of natural nut butter (almond, peanut, cashew). Hopefully that will hit the spot and hold you over until supper.
Emily Smith

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  1. the perfect fresh, sweet treat! i’d take a plateful right now 🙂 looks so good Emily.

    Happy New Year (officially)! thanks for the really kind comment you left me too. you’re right, coming back into gratitude does heal the heart. i hope your handsome one feels the same mending in his own center space. many blessings to you all! xo ♥

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