Sobeys Seafood Steamer Fish Tacos with Cucumber-Apple Salsa #JustCookTheBag

Fish Tacos with Cucumber-Apple Salsa

How many times during the week do I wish I had an easy button? Countless!

You too?

“Mommy, where are my shoes?” Easy button. The sink is overflowing with dishes, easy button. Overhwelmed in aisle six thinking “what am I going to make for dinner?” easy bu… Wait, I’ve got this.

Let me help you out, I actually do have an easy solution for that last one. Sobeys Seafood Steamer is a great option for busy family weeknight meals. A Seafood Steamer the perfect way to enjoy effortlessly cooked seafood. Inspired by the French method of steaming fish in parchment paper, en papillote, Sobeys Seafood Steamers come in oven-safe bags, taking all the guesswork and mess out of cooking delectably moist and tender seafood at home.

It’s as simple as choosing your seafood and seasoned butter, having it bagged, and cooking it when you get home.

Taking a trip to my local Sobeys to pick up dinner!
Fresh to your table
It’s easy to spot the seafood counter and Seafood Steamer options.

You don’t have to sacrifice taste and healthy eating when choosing a quick dinner. I just popped into Sobeys and selected halibut fish with garlic parsley butter.  As the lady serving me at the fish counter weighed two nice looking fillets and packaged them in parchment paper, I looked through the recipe catalogue available at the desk. The Fish Tacos with Cucumber-Apple Salsa caught my attention. With my fresh Seafood Steamer in my cart, I quickly picked up the rest of the ingredients in the produce section and I was soon on my way.

Seafood Steamer

You have the option of microwaving your Seafood Steamer or cooking it in the oven. I have always preferred oven-cooking, even if only idealistically, so into the oven it went. As it cooked, I diced up cucumber, green apple, orange pepper, red onion, hot pepper, and cilantro to make the flavourful and colourful cucumber-apple salsa. Within 20 minutes, the savoury fish was ready to serve. To prepare our meal I cut the fish lengthwise, divided it equally into the tacos and topped it with salsa. Voila! Ready to enjoy.

Click here to get the full recipe.

Salsa Apple Salsa

Each bite was filled with flavour and melted in my mouth. The halibut was cooked to perfection and tasted so delicious with the fresh, tangy salsa. The tacos were a great way to enjoy fish in a new way. 

Fish Tacos Close Up

There are lots of choices available when it comes to selecting which seafood or fish to enjoy and with the Seafood Steamer you can please everyone! If you want to choose different fish, Sobeys will wrap them in their own bag and you can cook them all at the same time, without ever touching the fish or having to use several dishes. 

You can learn all about the Seafood Steamer here and be inspired by these simply delicious dinner recipes!

Let Sobeys do all the prep work for you and make your life a little bit easier 😉


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Emily Smith

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  1. What an amazing idea! I always struggle with convenience vs healthy. Even “healthy” boxed food sometimes doesn’t always fit the bill. This is something I could even get my 13 yr old to do while I got the other kids ready for lessons or whatever we have going on that night. I also love the fish taco idea sounds super yummy and different than the same old flaked white fish. It could be tons of fun for the kids to make their own tacos with whatever they like best (and really they are making their own dinner). I had no idea Sobeys did this I love it!!

  2. Mmm, that sounds delish! I love adding apples to my salads for a bit of sweetness, never thought of adding it to a fish taco before! Can’t wait to try that next time we’re making them. 🙂

  3. I really wish there was a Sobey’s near me–they are all in Ontario–I am in New York. I could definitely get into eating like this. I may try to make that salsa–it sounds really good and could probably be used as a salad.

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