Sunday Living 01.52

When I think of Sunday, I think of easy living.

I think of staying in pyjamas a little longer, drinking french press coffee, cuddling in bed, having a family picnic, driving off to a neighbouring town…I think of simplicity and no schedule. Sunday Living is a new series on The Best of this Life, where I hope to explore, through the lens, the simplicity and beauty of everyday life. Not everyday is easy living, however in each day there are beautiful moments. The perfect cup of tea, a warm hug, swinging at the park, a note in the mail, walking in the woods…

By the means of visual storytelling, my desire is to share with you glimpses into our lives; where we value simplicity and consider it to be grand living. With each new Sunday of this year, I will post photographs that I took of the week prior – moments captured in stills. My aspiration with this series is to create a collection of pictures to reflect upon at year’s end and equally, to inspire you weekly to treasure the small and beautiful things in your own life.  Here’s to the beginning of Sunday Living.

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