Sunday Living 09.52

Our mid week mini-vacation took us to Chateau Montebello, where we weathered out a snow storm under the coziest blankets and enjoyed the luxury of room service. I drank ample decaf coffee, because just looking outside made me desire something hot in my hands at all times; I also had my baby girl to fulfill that wish. She is a warm little bunny that loves to snuggle and nestle right into your neck – it’s cuddling at its best.  March came in like a lion, making the drive back to Ottawa a treacherous one. The roads were icy, visibility was null, and I was praying we would make it home safely.  

This trip away from home was the first with two littles and gave Mr. Smith and I a glimpse of what travel with kids is like. One must be patient, one must be flexible, one must have a glass of red wine available at the end of the day. The comforts of home, the favourite toys, the special blanket we forgot – all those things are left behind and you forge ahead. You hone your children’s sense of adventure and expand your definition of vacation, simultaneously. I think we did good and I dare say, I’m ready for our next travels, wherever they may take us.

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  1. It is fun though a bit challenging at times to travel with kids. Now when mine are 9 and soon 12 I have to say it´s a breeze though, they are very easy to bring along – when they were small there was always a bit moodier. 🙂

    1. It’s a challenge, but it’s still worth it!! I can’t wait for all the travels and trips we’ll take together as a family xo

  2. honestly, i’m 37 weeks pregnant and the idea of traveling with little ones really scares me even though we are not there yet! it all just seems so impossible – which makes me nervous because next autumn we really want to travel to a friend’s wedding in fernie, and go back to visit our beloved victoria where we lived for five years. i hope we can manage it with a baby! i loved your tips and positive attitude though – it made me feel more calm and optimistic.

  3. When my son was a baby I used to fly with him every other month to visit my family. He was the best flyer and our trips were quite enjoyable. I make road trips with my kids several times a year and I think they are so used to traveling that it doesn’t really bother them. We are planning on going to the Bahamas this summer so we will see how that goes.

    Your pictures are beautiful! Enjoy your time with your precious family. xo

  4. I can’t begin to imagine traveling with kids, since I’m so used to traveling alone! But it seems like you do it quite well. I love seeing people who don’t let having young ones stop them from creating great experiences and adventures!

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