Sunday Living 12.52

Just as life has  busy days, life has slow days too. I like those. I like it when the world slows down; you sip a cup of coffee, you walk around barefoot, you read, relax, cuddle, catch-up.  There is no schedule, no agenda, no real plans – just moving calmly through the day with whatever you please. My big sis was in town from Toronto, so we got to visit with her. It was so nice just to talk about our lives, what’s new, what’s happening and for her to connect with her niece and nephew. The kiddos love her to bits, as do I.

We enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday…just an hour extra, but what a difference that additional rest makes. It felt wonderful. We all woke up sleepy, but replenished and I made buckwheat pancakes with strawberry compote for breakfast – perfection.  Oh, we also woke up to another snowstorm. ha! I couldn’t believe it. Even for Canada, this is getting tiresome. I’m eager for flowers and blue skies, and was very thankful when my mom surprised me with a bouquet of tulips. A little bit of spring for my bedside table.

I’m kind of instagram crazy right now; I love posting pictures and seeing what others are posting. I’m behind on the times, I know, but happily catching up. The only thing, is seeing all of my friend’s beach pictures. Yes, they are beautiful – but, admittedly pangs of jealousy bubble up. I have to remind myself that summer is not too far off.

How has your weekend been friends? What have you been up to?

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  1. Your eye for photography is amazing! The feet pics were my favourites. It was baking and basketball o TV for my family last weekend. Thank you for sharing this post. It was truly lovely.

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