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Celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary this week, was magical. It just felt like time stopped for a while and we got to take the day to enjoy where we are today, as a couple and as a family. It’s been an incredible five years for us and I look forward to what’s ahead! We’ve been having gorgeous weather in Ottawa, so we’ve been outside for hours each day. Walks, parks, swimming and just enjoying the heat. We’ve also had to indulge in some summertime treats, like Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss…it is definitely one of my favourite ice creams ever!! So good.  

What is one of your hot-weather favourite eats?

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  1. Your kids are adorable! Happy Anniversary, hope you had a nice day. Sounds like you did!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I’m so gad about people who have found their true loves! Stay together forever and even longer!
    Hugs! Vanessa Key

    1. Hey Vanessa, thank you so much – that is so sweet! We met when I was 15 at a Summer Camp in Tennessee; he was my first love….8 years later, we met again in NYC and never let each other go again 🙂 Thank you for your warm wishes xox

      1. Ow myyyy! That is so amazing!
        And my first love married some other girl, while I was on vacation in England. I’m not so lucky..but bad things happens.

        Have an amazing week honey! ^_^
        Warmest wishesh to your family!

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