Sunday Living 23.52

We had a few long days of rain this week, but man when that sunshine came out – so did we! We hit the park, the splash pad, the pool, the popsicle stand (well, the corner store!)….I feel like this is one of the BEST summers ever, and it’s not even technically summer. It’s just that the wait was so long, that when it finally arrived – everyday hot day is incredible! We’re excited, because we’ve got family visiting from all over in the next couple of weeks, which we are really looking forward to. The kids love the outdoors, so we are outside as much as possible,  and even though Mr. Smith and I have a busy work schedule – we are all play when the work is done. 

What is making me happy these days? Sunshine, crazy-yummy smoothies, fresh fruits and vegetables at the market, walking for hours, the smell of coconut oil, maxi dresses, summer clothing for the kids, picnics under big shady trees, weight training with my husband, instagram, gorgeous wild flowers….oh the list could go on! 

What’s making YOU happy?

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  1. sundays are awesome for taking naps, for staying at home and not doing a whole lot if you can help it, it is for hanging out with family, making memories and they are the best

  2. You seem to be having a great start to summer! I can’t wait to read more of the fun things you have planned. The kids as usual are super adorable, and Abigail is getting bigger with each picture!!

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