Sunday Living 27.52

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Lately, I’ve been sneaking outside in the evening to watch the sun go down. I love summer sunsets – they are gorgeous. I also love how the sky can be so light, but the moon still shines brightly. So many different, beautiful skies during this season. This weekend has been full of laughter, dinners, memories, sunshiny days, and family hangouts. It’s been good stuff and I don’t want it to end! Mister Smith is in for a full week at work and I’ve got my own deadlines to focus on. 

But there is today my friends, and today I will cherish. I will treasure the summery weather, Little A’s tanned legs with white sunscreen streaks, piña coladas with my mom and big sis, the salt water pool, Abigail’s adorable giggles and dimpled cheeks, and the stunning evening skies.

Live well and have a lovely Sunday.


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  1. Coming here is like coming to a very good friend’s house… very warm and welcoming and you leave feeling all good and fuzzy!

    Just like this post!

    Have a great week ahead Em!



    1. Well isn’t that just one of the sweetest things to say!! Thank you ML, I appreciate your lovely note and I’m wishing you a wonderful week as well!! xo

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