The Story Continues…From Awkward Moment to Stunning Proposal

The Day We Met 

They always say you meet the love of your life when you least expect it. I now truly believe that statement because meeting Evan was random and so awkward. I looked absolutely awful that day (although Evan would beg to differ), my hair was up in a pony, I only had mascara on and I was dressed down in a sweatshirt and jeans. Nothing glamorous and to make things even better, I was with my Dad.

In the movies they always portray love at first sight by showing the girl with her hair blowing in the wind, makeup flawless and a sexy runway walk in slow motion. I was far away from that image as possible! 

From across the sales floor I spotted Evan. I’m usually a shy person and at that moment I became shyer than shy. I was nervous and wanted to run right out of that motorsports store. So I made my Dad talk to him first. After the small talk, Evan handed me the brochure I needed for my advertising class, along with his business card. All I remember after that point was his smile and those bright blue eyes. At that moment I knew. I knew this was just the beginning… 

Later …

A couple days went by and I still couldn’t get him off my mind. I felt like I had met him before. It was driving me crazy so I did what any crazy girl would do, and I looked him up online. I realized right away that I did know him, he was my “friend” on my MySpace and we had chatted before because of mutual friends. I sent him a message and thanked him for the brochure. He replied back jokingly, “Your welcome, you can thank me by taking me out to dinner.” 

Our first date ironically wasn’t out to dinner. It was a little bit more relaxed by taking me for a ride on his motorcycle to a nearby park. We had a great night talking, laughing and sharing our first kiss. Conversation just flowed so easily and time went by way too fast. I don’t think we wanted that night to end.

That night changed everything. I was falling hard for a guy that I barely knew but yet at the same time I felt like I had known my whole entire life. The day after, I called up my best friend and told her that I was going to marry him someday. 

The Proposal

On our six-year anniversary, Evan took me up to my favorite place, the Adirondacks. We hiked up Bald Mountain and that is where he got down on one knee and proposed. It was by far the best day of my life. Words cannot describe how lucky I feel to have found a man like him. In my heart I truly believe that we were destined to meet that day. When I look at him I see myself, he has become my other half and my one true love. I can’t imagine life without him; he makes me better and is such an amazing encourager and supporter. 


Right now we’re in the process of planning our wedding that will take place this July in the Adirondacks with our immediate family. We then plan to have a large celebration with everyone near and dear to us in August. After many tears and sleepless nights (that’s totally me!) we decided that a big fancy wedding wasn’t for us. We just wanted something simple, casual, and memorable. So that’s what we’re doing! 

I’m so excited to marry the man who has become my best friend. He is an amazing partner and someday he will be an amazing father. 

This is our real life love story, the good and the bad, every day we flip another page and I can’t wait to begin the next chapter by saying “I do”!



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  1. Sweet that they met unexpectedly at the store. I met my husband of 3 years at a town fair. I went with a few friends from work and he was one of their friends. We really hit it off and flirted the whole night. He asked for my phone number and soon after we started dating for almost a full year. He proposed to me on my birthday and I’ve never looked back.

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