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Valentine’s Day Paper Heart Tree Craft

Heart Tree

Sometimes the simplest crafts turn out the best. With just a few items, my son and I turned a fallen branch into our very own heart tree. It looks pretty lovely sitting on the mantel in time for Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?

This was such a fun craft to do with my son, because he liked the idea that we were making an indoor tree as a Valentine’s craft.

It also involved lots of white glue, which is usually a big hit with young kids.

Valentine's Day Heart Tree 1

Valentine’s Day Paper Heart Tree Craft

What you need:

  • construction paper 
  • craft glue
  • tree branch (preferably already fallen!)

How to make your paper heart tree:

  • cut out paper hearts (fold a paper in half and cut out half the heart along folded line to make it easier)
  • put glue in the middle of the paper hearts
  • glue on the branches
  • let dry flat before standing vertical
  • place in vase 

Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

Valentine's Day Heart Tree 5

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Valentine's Day Paper Heart Tree

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