How to do the Bear Crawl in 9 Easy Steps

Hi readers! I’ve got a new (old) workout for you to try this #fitnessfriday – 

I love working out, but I don’t like to do the same routine everyday. As important as some exercises are, there are so many awesome ways you can move your body that it would be a shame not to constantly explore new and unique activities. With this in mind I want to talk about a really fun way to exercise your whole body, the bear crawl!   

Bear crawling is as simple as getting down on all fours and crawling around. This is a truly fun and perhaps goofy looking exercise, pulling this off in a normal gym will take a lot of confidence, but it is also a great workout that will condition your whole body.

Benefits of Bear Crawling:
  1. Improved strength, especially upper body
  2. Improved mobility and locomotive coordination
  3. Improved athleticism
  4. Improved mood because its super fun and goofy  
How To Bear Crawl:
  1. get down on all fours
  2. try to keep your hands underneath shoulders
  3. try to keep your knees underneath hips
  4. lift knees off the ground
  5. allow the posture of your body to be natural
  6. move forward 10-20 yards
  7. move back 10-20 yards
  8. move sideways 10-20 yards
  9. move in the other direction 10-20 yards

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If the kids can do it, you can do it.

The bear crawl is not something that I believe needs strict form, instead get on all fours and move, allowing your body to naturally go as it sees fit. Of course with anything you can make this harder by keeping your back as flat as possible, engaging your core better but I think this is one exercise that is best performed lighthearted and boisterous. When I bear crawl I often chase my children around the room and wrestle with them a for a few minutes.

The functionality of the bear crawl is incredible, as babies we learn to strengthen our bodies and move bipedally by crawling, we can stimulate this functionality again by getting on all fours and traveling around. You can add bear crawling to any routine and you can increase the intensity of the workout by adding a few more exercises like pushups and squats. Above all else have fun but start out slow, as enjoyable as this workout is, it will take time relearning how to walk on all fours. I suggest doing it in sets of 30 seconds to 1 minute and then repeating a few times or doing 30 seconds to 1 minute of bear crawling in between other exercises.

Regardless how you fit it in bear crawling I am certain it will be both amusing and beneficial. So please give this functional and primal movement a try and then get back to us here at The Best of This Life with how much you loved it!

Thank you for reading and as always cheers to your good health.

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Disclaimer: Before starting any new diet and exercise program please check with your doctor and clear any exercise and/or diet changes with them before beginning. I am not a doctor or registered dietitian and do not claim to be so.The opinions and experiences I share are my own 

David Smith

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  1. Well that’s an exercise I can get excited about. I did it this morning and it is great to gently loosen the hip joints. Thanks David for a mix of exercises that meets different needs.

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