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Rock On With the Elliptical- A great cardio workout

Rock On With The Elliptical Machine

I love the elliptical machine. Let me be very clear, the guy (me) who loves everything from lifting rocks overhead to deep back squats with a barbell loves the elliptical machine. Because the … [Read More...]


Your Simple Guide To The Bench Press

Your Simple Guide To The Bench Press

The Bench Press I love to bench press, it’s almost as simple as it gets: lay down and push a weight above you. It is a compound movement (working more than one joint and muscle group) that will not … [Read More...]

9 Puzzles For Toddlers

9 Clever Puzzles For Toddlers

At 18 months old, Abigail is more interested in puzzles than ever. She gravitates towards the brightest ones and loves spending time figuring out the pieces and finding their placement. As we know, … [Read More...]