Sunday Living 05.52

When I look back on these pictures at the end of the year, I’ll know exactly what I meant to capture; my little boy full of cheekiness – coming in from playing outside, running into the room, snow pants still on, and catching me in the middle of a blog shoot – grabbing a chunk of dark chocolate and without thinking twice, biting into it with sheer bliss and satisfaction. The look on his face is pure enjoyment. Not just because of the chocolate, but also because he got something he knows he wasn’t suppose to. Those three photographs caught his three year old self perfectly. He is loving life, and also getting into a whole bunch of things he’s not suppose to! Can anyone else relate? We have our hands full with this little guy right now!

This week, we’ve had cold weather and more snow. I’m kind of reaching the end of my winter tolerance. sigh. I can’t believe Mr. Groundhog said we’re going to have at least another six weeks of this. Sunshine and spring weather couldn’t come soon enough. All I want to do is stay under layers upon layers of blankets and cuddle up to our beautiful tiny dreamer. I am so thankful that Abigail loves to sleep, because snuggling up next to her is just about the most perfect thing ever.

Happy Sunday xo

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  1. That expression you captured on sleeping Abigail is so, so perfect.
    And I’m pretty sure that 2014 is going to be the year of the Most Joyful Spring Ever 🙂

    1. Thank you Christy, I look forward to the most joyful of springs!!! Hehehe, I thought Abigail’s sleeping smile was pretty priceless too 🙂 I can’t wait to read your article on Montreal highlights…I lived there for nearly 4 years and I have a great appreciation for the city!

  2. Lol, Aiden’s look is classic – that must be what I look like when I eat chocolate! Abigail is just adorable and she has grown so much! I agree with you, that when it’s cold outside all I want to do is sleep under layers of blankies. For some reason I had stopped receiving updates from your blog but I now I’ve fixed that and it’s so good to be back reading it!!

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